T1 top laner Choi Woo-je “Zeus” Fiora led the way to victory in the first set. They showed off their overwhelming power from the start of the line, and the mid-to-late half operation was perfect. 바카라

T1 took the lead in the 4th minute. On the bot line, Lux-Caitlin’s firepower caught DRX’s karma, and at the same time, ‘Zeus’ Woo-je Choi’s Fiora showed excellent ganking avoidance on the top line. However, DRX quickly followed suit. T1’s long range dealer ‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyeong’s Caitlyn was caught by surprise, who advanced to the front of the tower. Even Sejuani of ‘Owner’ Moon Hyeon-jun, who was aiming for a dive ganking, was subdued.

The top line is out of balance. T1’s top laner ‘Zeus’ Choi Woo-je, Fiora, solo-killed Xanthe, and also got a kill in the first messenger teamfight. Fiora clearly took the initiative in the side. T1 continued to profit by operating Fiora separately. In the teamfight that occurred during the second dragon timing, Fiora penetrated well and led a great victory. DRX had no one to stop Fiora 1:1, but the small gains from the main team served as the driving force to endure until the second half of the game. Acquiring the Dragon Stack was also a great comfort.

Around the 30th minute, DRX caught Victor from Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok near the Baron nest and started hunting for the Baron. However, after joining Choi Woo-je, ‘Zeus’ Woo-je, Fiora pushed back the main team and showed an excellent play to block Baron’s attempt to steal. In the end, T1, who obtained the Baron buff, entered DRX’s headquarters and won the first set.

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