Managers of both teams responded, “This is the first time I’ve experienced this.”

Asan Woori Bank and Busan BNK will meet at the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 22nd.

Woori Bank recruited Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F) this off-season and is fully enjoying the effect. The winning streak started with a win in the opening game. As a result, they recorded 16 wins and 1 loss in the first half.

Although he faltered after the All-Star break and recorded his first consecutive loss of the season, he won again and confirmed the regular season championship by winning against BNK in the last 5 rounds. Since then, it has continued its momentum by beating even Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Bucheon Hana 1Q.

Woori Bank manager Seong-Woo Lee, who we met before the game, said, “Actually, we are not in a situation to prepare right now. What worries me is that the ranking has not been decided yet. So what can you prepare for? It’s the first time I’ve experienced anything like this.”

Afterwards, “The ranking fight is not an issue that we can intervene. So, we will show equal management to teams fighting for rankings. We will play normally, using the original players. Otherwise, misunderstandings may arise.”

After that, he also shared the unfortunate news of his injury. Coach Wi said, “I don’t think Go Ah-ra will be able to play the rest of the regular season. His thigh muscles were torn. Although not a major injury, he was sent to Japan to recover quickly. It is said that it will be about two weeks, but it may be delayed,” and announced the news of the players’ injuries, saying, “(I) Yoon Jeong-i also has a sprained ankle and can’t play today.” 슬롯사이트

Meanwhile, BNK succeeded in advancing to the playoffs for the first time since its foundation last season. By recruiting Umji Han (180cm, F) off-season, they shouted to advance to the playoffs for two consecutive seasons.

And the first goal of this season has already been achieved. There are still four games left in the regular season, but the playoffs have been confirmed. But what matters is the ranking.

They defeated Incheon Shinhan Bank in the last game, but are still in 4th place. However, the gap with second place Samsung Life Insurance is only 1.5 games. If we fight hard in the remaining games, we can catch up. That’s why every game is important BNK.

Park Jeong-eun, coach of BNK, who we met before the game, said, “As we ran the season, there were crises and this situation came to the end. He told the players to have fun if they couldn’t avoid it. From now on, you just have to look forward and run. I told them not to look back and to run towards the goal,” he began the interview.

Continuing, “I have never done this as a player or as a manager. This is my first experience. (Laughter) In most cases, the rankings were decided after about one round left in the regular season. From then on, I went into conditioning. But this time is different,” he added.

For BNK, every game is important from now on. But the opponent is Woori Bank. BNK has no win against Woori Bank this season. In response, coach Park said, “We were particularly inferior to Woori Bank this season. showed poor performance. So I encouraged the players to do it more confidently.”

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