Korea’s leading high jump Woo Sang-hyeok (27, Yongin City Hall) easily won a ticket to the finals with a single jump in his first competition this year.

Woo Sang-hyeok tied for first place with 2m14 in the men’s high jump preliminary round at the 10th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships held in Astana, Kazakhstan on the 11th.

Woo Sang-hyeok passed 1m90, 2m00, 2m05, and 2m10 in the preliminaries with 18 players and warmed up. And in the first period of 2m14, he showed an overwhelming performance and crossed the bar with ease.

After all the 2m14 1st to 3rd periods of the participating players were over, 9 players, including Woo Sang-hyuk, were confirmed to advance to the finals. 바카라사이트

Seko Yuto (Japan) is the only player who won a ticket to the finals with a single jump like Woo Sang-hyeok. Mazdi Ghazal (Syria), who is considered a candidate to keep Woo Sang-hyeok in check, surpassed both 2m10 and 2m14 in the first round.

Mutaz Esa Bashim (Qatar), who is forming the ‘second round’ with Woo Sang-hyeok, did not participate in this tournament.

Originally, Woo Sang-hyeok was scheduled to participate in the Czech Nehvizdi Indoor Track and Field Championships last month, but decided that he needed more thorough preparation, so he changed his schedule to the first jump of the season at the Asian Indoor Track and Field Championships.

The Asian Indoor Athletics Championships were scheduled to be held in February of last year, but were postponed for a year in the aftermath of a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

The best performance by a Korean athlete in this event was Choi Yun-hee’s silver medal in the women’s pole vault at the 2012 Hangzhou Games. Ryu Gyu-min, who participated in this year’s event, won a bronze medal in the men’s triple jump, becoming the second Korean medalist ever.

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