Great matches in sports arouse excitement. Also impresses. That’s all. A wonderful and tense game in which victory or defeat is unpredictable makes you feel the thrill. I think it’s a natural phenomenon that happens while watching a great bout regardless of the win or loss.

As the size of the battlefield in 안전놀이터 which the battle of victory takes place increases, the emotions that rise up are proportionately heightened. The more you are fascinated and immersed in the tense competition with sparks, the greater the level of excitement, emotion, and thrill. Even more so, it is clear and obvious as to how much inspiration the great game, which takes place in the world’s most popular sport, the FIFA (International Football Federation) World Cup, which competes for the best in the world, will inspire. The cool bout and bout are woven into the common element of strong vitality that is engraved in the hearts of the fans and lives and breathes for a long time.

In this context, FIFA selected 6 famous matches (see table) that left a deep impression in the women’s World Cup semifinals and once again looked back on that moment. This is an interesting article posted on the news section of the FIFA website ahead of the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup semifinals (15-16) that are just around the corner. It is a project that shows that FIFA tried to increase the interest in the semi-finals of this stage by introducing six famous matches that caught the attention of soccer fans around the world in the semi-finals of the last eight tournaments and resonated in their hearts.

In the Women’s World Cup, which originated in 1991, the USA boasts the most victories (four). That pride sprouted in the first Chinese competition. And the nourishment was the match against Germany in the quarterfinals. Germany, which won the UEFA Women’s Euro held four months earlier, was considered a strong candidate for the championship, but rather fell into the scapegoat for the United States to go to the top. The hero of the American victory that exceeded expectations was Karyn Jennings. The hat-trick completed in a short time of 23 minutes (10, 22, 33 minutes in the first half) was the beginning and end of an easy victory.

“I was more than happy to beat Germany, who was considered the number one in the world. The fact that it was won in front of her fiancé (Jim, her current husband), who never came in any other match, added something special to it.” (Jennings)

Four years ago, the two teams that competed for supremacy in the first tournament, Norway and the United States met again. The results were different. Norway took revenge for that defeat (1-2) (1-0). Thanks to Anne Christine Orroenès’ winning goal in the 10th minute of the first half, Norway had a sweet victory. Norway, riding on momentum, defeated Germany (2-0) and took the FIFA Cup in its arms.

“I remember the Americans hitting the crossbar three times in the last few minutes. Looks like we got lucky. Perhaps, the Americans did not feel that we had stolen the gold medal from them?” (Oroenes)

It was Germany that did not forget the disgrace 12 years ago. It paid off just like that. It was a dog raised on the home ground in the United States, so the exhilaration was added. Kerstin Garefrekes’ header first goal (15 minutes in the first half) and two flashing counterattack goals in the second half (90+1, 90+3 minutes) tied the score for a complete victory (3-0). In the final, it was a victory that became a stepping stone to enjoy the thrill of the first championship by defeating Sweden with an extra-time golden goal (2-1). It was also a painful complete defeat for the United States, which inflated its pride as the world’s strongest by achieving the second ascent in the 1999 competition held in its home country four years ago.

“It was a game where we kicked ourselves in the ass for 90 minutes. Germany trampled on us and made fun of us. To be honest, Germany was better than us that year.” (American defender Kate Markgraph)

Women’s World Cup was the best match of individual talent. The main character was Marta from Brazil. The 21-year-old (then) Marta scored two goals and suffered a crushing defeat (0-4) to the United States. In this tournament, Marta, who showed off the appearance of a goal scorer representing a generation, vomited the Golden Shoe (7 goals) and swept the Golden Ball as well. However, in the final match, Marta, who did not show much movement, had to watch Germany lift their second FIFA Cup with the bitterness of a 0-2 defeat.

“The bout with the United States is the most memorable World Cup match. In that game, I scored what I consider to be the best goal of my career. It is a truly perfect memory, engraved deep in my heart.” (Marta)

Japan, which had been driven by England, seized victory in an instant. The goal that created the win-lose hyperbola was, ironically, an own goal. In the second half of extra time (90+2 minutes), a ‘one goal’ from England’s center back Laura Bassett split the win (2-1). Japan enjoyed the joy of the winner. Before God’s mischief, England groaned. Japan, which had risen to the top four years ago (2011 Germany), advanced to the finals in two consecutive tournaments and quickly established the pride of Asian football.

“After the game, I was very heartbroken. I couldn’t contain my emotions. I couldn’t breathe, and my chest felt like it was going to jump out. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.” (Basset)

Women’s World Cup 6th line ‘regular customer’ USA made an appearance again. America, who appeared fifth, played the lead role. England remained the supporting cast that made America shine. The United States scored two headers – Christine Press in the 9th minute and Alex Morgan in the 30th minute – to beat England’s pursuit (2-1). It was the moment when the reefs in the voyage to the fourth championship of the tournament were removed. Morgan’s ‘tea drinking’ goal ceremony that enraged England is still talked about. In the second half, England was very disappointed that Step Hutton’s penalty kick was saved by American GK Alyssa Naeher.

“It was really fun to make fun of the British because they were so responsive and furious. It was a goal ceremony that was quite fun.” (Megan Rapinoe, USA)

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