The popularity of the V-League was confirmed in the All-Star Game.

Thousands of cases unfolded. 6,338 spectators visited Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon and enjoyed the volleyball festival. The volleyball world couldn’t invite guests even after the banquet was opened due to Corona 19. It was a day when I was able to smile broadly.

On the day of the All-Star Game, a meaningful event took place at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium.

The men’s Hyundai Capital Skywalkers held the ‘2023 Skywalkers Cup Youth Volleyball Competition’ with 270 youth on the 28th and 29th. A total of five divisions were included, which were selected through preliminary rounds in each region: elementary and middle school mixed team, elementary school senior high school mixed team, elementary and middle school male team, and middle school female team. The competition was held over two days, divided into the pre-league preliminaries and finals for three elementary school divisions and the full league preliminaries and finals for four groups for two secondary divisions. It was another ‘volleyball festival’ that not only students but also 200 parents visited and sent hot cheers.

Ji Won-yang (16) of the Cheonan Club, who won the women’s midfield championship in this tournament, said, “Through friendly matches with students from Muju and Chuncheon, we became friends and asked each other’s regards. It’s so nice and nice to see each other during the tournament. If there is, we will win again.” Lee Seung-jae (16), who finished his youth club life at the end of this tournament, said, “I started my Skywalkers youth club activities in the winter of 2021. I spent a lot of time learning volleyball until the weekday class activity. It was a very fun and happy time. Participating with my friends. The competitions and the memories with the teachers will remain as unforgettable memories for the rest of my life.”

Korean volleyball is growing day by day based on international competition propaganda, but the base is weak. The reality of the V-League is that it is impossible to just laugh at the full crowd at the All-Star Game. The youth club competition held in the midst of this is so meaningful.

The youth club serves as a bridge between elite sports and sports for everyday life. Through club activities, you can develop social skills beyond training your mind and body, and you can pioneer a new path as a professional based on your excellent skills. Hyundai Capital has been steadily putting effort into fostering youth clubs since 2017. Starting in 2020, with the goal of expanding nationwide, we are supporting and operating youth clubs of 1,000 people not only in Cheonan, Jeonbuk, but also in Muju, Gyeongbuk, Daegu, Gyeongnam, Busan, and Chuncheon, Gangwon. In addition, in cooperation with the Credit Card Social Contribution Foundation and Good Neighbors, it not only supports children from vulnerable groups, but also operates free volleyball classes for culturally marginalized areas.

Hyundai Capital’s youth club operation does not stop at simple support. Leading by head coach Ha Kyung-min, who was from Hyundai Capital and won a gold medal in the Asian Games, leading coaches such as Lee Jae-mok, Lee Cheol-gyu, Koh Hyun-seong, and Lim Jin-seok are in charge of systematic training program development and management. Seo Dong-hyeon (Cheonan Buyeong Elementary School), Kim Tae-wook (Cheonan Ssangyong Middle School), Ong Seung-hyeon (Gyeongbuk Geumo Middle School), Park Soon-beom (Busan Geumjeong Middle School), and Kim Min-hu (Busan Daeyeon Middle School) are talents produced by the Hyundai Capital youth club. Head Coach Ha Kyung-min said, “All of the coaches are proud to be Skywalkers youth club coaches. Over the past few years, I have learned more from coaching club students and seeing them genuinely love volleyball.” As I gain confidence in it, I feel rewarded to see the dark children brighten up and learn teamwork and grow.” An official from Hyundai Capital said, “We are focusing on marketing that lays the groundwork for a long-term perspective of securing future fans through the operation of youth clubs.”

Under the vision of ‘pursuing the true value and pleasure of volleyball’, Hyundai Capital and Skywalkers Youth Club, which invest generously to discover players and expand the base, are impressive. 카지노사이트

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