The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) U-19 Hungary Basketball World Cup 2023 held in Debrecen, Hungary, ended with Spain’s ‘Invincible Armada’ winning the championship after 24 years. And the last day was splendid, until the shock of ‘No Medal’ in the United States, which was aiming for a third consecutive victory.

First, Spain won the final against France 73-69 after extra time, standing on top of the world for the first time in 24 years since 1999. It is an honor to find again after the ‘golden generation’ represented by Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro.

Spain was behind by 61-63, 2 points until the end of the game. However, after two offensive rebounds and three shots in the last offensive opportunity, Jordi Rodriguez’s jumper split the rim and led the game to overtime 63-63.

France, which missed all the championships, and Spain, which revived, had a different mood. It was a painting in which Spain led the trend and France followed. In the end, Spain, who was ahead in the final concentration fight, finished with victory and destroyed France’s dream of winning the first championship.

Isan Almanza of Spain was selected as the MVP of this tournament. He played in all 7 games as a 208cm tall and mobile big man, averaging 16.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, 1.6 assists, 1.7 steals and 1.1 blocked shots.

Almansa is evaluated as a top player at the 메이저사이트추천 youth level, including being selected as the MVP in both the U-17 World Cup held last year and the U-18 Euro Championship. He became the MVP in this tournament as well, accomplishing the splendid feat of becoming the MVP three times in two years.

Starting with Almansa, the best 5 of the competition were Mark Armstrong (USA), Rodriguez (Spain), Werke Buyuktunzel (Turkiye), and Zachary Perrin (France).

Meanwhile, the U.S. lost 70-84 in the 3rd/4th place match against Turkiye, which was held earlier, and suffered a ‘no medal’ humiliation for the first time in 12 years since the 2011 Latvia tournament. Overwhelmed by Turkiye’s physicality throughout the game, they eventually collapsed powerlessly without being able to turn around in the second half.

It is also the first time in 12 years that the US has lost twice to Europe in one tournament. They were defeated by Croatia in the second round and Russia in the quarterfinals 12 years ago. This time, they were defeated by France in the quarterfinals and Turkey in the third/fourth place match.

Turkiye had a large gap in the front line due to the injury of ‘Ace Guard’ Arda Sivas, but Tan Ildisoglu scored 20 points and 8 assists, Samet Ijitoglu scored 10 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocked shots, and Buyuktunzel 19 points. With 4 rebounds and 5 assists, he defeated the US for the first time and ranked 3rd.

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