A good pitch is a catch, and a bad pitch is a hit. “That’s baseball,” San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado said.

Machado reflected on the gam 메이저사이트e in an interview following the Padres’ 2-0 win over the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Tuesday.

Starting at third base, he hit a 107.7 mph fastball off Jose Berrios with the bases loaded in the fourth inning that was caught in the center fielder’s glove in front of the fence.

With two outs in the fifth inning, he hit a 76.3 mph fastball that broke the bat, but it was flied out to center field to put two runners on base. It was the only run of the game.

“Today was a very good day for us,” said a happy Machado, who added that “everything worked” and that he was pleased with his performance.

“I felt good at the plate, I saw the ball well. The hard pitches turned into outs, and the hard pitches turned into RBI doubles. That’s baseball,” he said of the game.

“It was a good pitch, but it probably wouldn’t have gone over. It probably would have hit the fence and been a double,” he said. “I’d rather have a hit than a miss,” he said.

As for his decision to walk Juan Soto with runners on second and third in the fifth inning, he said it was the right call, saying, “I had a 3-0 count and the bases were empty.”

“Manny’s hot right now,” manager Bob Melvin said of Machado’s ascent. “He’s been hitting well lately. Two weeks ago he had 35 RBIs and now he has 54. He’s a guy that has the ability to lead the team and he’s been showing that lately.”

Machado added: “Some good pitches get hit and some bad pitches get hit. These are things that I can’t control. I’m just going to try to put together a quality at-bat, and if I do a good job with my defense and pitching, good things will happen.”

San Diego, which finished its trip to Philadelphia with a 1-3 record, clinched the best-of-three series against Toronto with the win. “The last game was disappointing, but we have to turn it around. Now we have to worry about tomorrow’s game, and then we can only think about the next series,” he said.

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