There are unusual baseball players. Calling themselves ‘Grandma’ mercenaries, they hold on to their waists and wrists past their heyday and play baseball. Still, he shouts ‘today is the youngest’ and prides himself on being in good spirits. Those who say that their age ranges from their early 40s to their late 50s, their baseball experience is at least 10 years, and the total team members have 200 years of baseball experience, founded the mercenary team ‘Fifty Edges’ in October of last year.

‘Fifty years old’, which means ‘approximation of the heavenly life’, is a mercenary team. Each member of the team belongs to a baseball team, a member of society. After running fiercely to win the Women’s Baseball League Cup in each team, they come to ‘around fifty’ to ‘heal’. They go to event-type matches that may or may not happen 2-3 times a year, not in the league. Because of this, the founding opportunity is also ‘to enjoy baseball, hobby baseball for a long time’.

Although it has been less than a year since ‘Fifties Around’ was founded, it is already a ‘hot’ existence in the baseball world, which is a female society. When the team was founded, the baseball world, a female society, was stirred. Mr. A, in his 30s, who plays for a baseball team, a female member of society, said, “There is an unspoken view that women should stop playing sports when they get older, but ‘around 50’ broke that prejudice. It seems cool to see women in their 40s and 50s getting together and continuing their hobbies. I also want to enter after 10 years.”

Lee Soo-mi (48), director of ‘Fifty Edges’, said, “In this era of entering a super-aged society, I thought I wanted to continue my hobbies with good people beyond my 50s and into my 60s, 70s and 80s in good health.” I hope that people who are thinking about giving up their hobbies because they are older or because baseball is difficult can play baseball happily and healthily with us for a long time.”

On the 24th, the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday, ‘Fifty Edges’ played their first official practice match. This is the debut match of ‘Fifties Around’. Despite the weather exceeding minus 15 degrees, the game was held at a baseball field located in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do. Regarding the decision to set this day as the debut date, he said, “I wanted to blow away the aftereffects of the holiday season.”

On this day, ‘Fifty Edges’ faced a young temporary mercenary team gathered from the ‘Women’s Baseball Mercenary Band’ run by Kwak Dae-i, who was the captain of the women’s baseball team. He fought hard throughout the match and won the match. Kim Eun-jeong (43), who started as a starting pitcher, said, “I pitched with the idea of ​​stopping only one inning, but the defense of our ‘fifties around’ fielders was strong. So I was able to throw more comfortably,” he said of his victory. 토토사이트

Manager Lee Soo-mi said, “We all have more than 10 years of experience, and we have enough skills to fulfill our roles wherever we go as pitcher, catcher, and outfielder. However, it could be a little sore joints, poor eyesight during night games, or slow running.”

There are special rules for ‘Fifty Edge’. If you do too well, you have to pay a ‘fine’, not a prize. Mr. Kim, who became a winning pitcher as a starting pitcher, dedicated a ‘fine’ thanks to that rule. These fines are collected and used to pay for team dinners.

Currently, their team consists of 15 people. Hwang Se-won (42), a member of the team, replied, “I’m still around 50 years old, so I’m halfway to the target number.” ‘Fifty Edges’ is recruiting team members to join through social network service (SNS).

Their goals are simple yet clear. Those watching the 1,000 people shouted, “Play baseball together until the team name changes to around sixty or seventy.” Will they be able to continue playing baseball at the age of 60 or 70, as the Grandmother Mercenary Corps wished, “I want to have a 60th birthday party at the baseball field”? It seems possible if it is ‘around fifty’.

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