Kwak Bo-seong of ‘Bidi-D’ made the team cry with his signature pick. 스포츠토토

Kwak Bo-seong’s team, KT Rolster, won a 2-1 come-from-behind victory over Gen.G in the 4th week of the 2023 ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring regular season held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 11th. Those who succeeded in winning 3 in a row recorded 5 wins and 3 losses (+3), surpassing Dplus Kia (4 wins, 3 losses +3) and became 4th alone.

Gen.G, who had been tied for the lead before the match, became 6-2 (+7), giving up the top spot to T1 (6-1, +8). After losing to T1 on the first day of the season, they won 6 consecutive wins and could not avoid the ‘roller coaster’ on the uphill road.

For Genji, giving Azir to Kwak Bo-seong in the 3rd set became the root cause. Kwak Bo-seong, who picked Ryze and Kassadin each in the previous set, set a record by playing Azir for the 100th time in his personal career. It is the first time since Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok (Ezreal 108 games) that a player has used a single champion more than 100 times in the LCK.

Azir is a champion that symbolizes Kwak Bo-seong. Because of his high champion proficiency, fans sometimes call Azir his first movement by tying him with Joy (2nd movement) and Syndra (3rd movement). His ultimate, ‘Emperor’s Faction’, which can rescue his team from a crisis, goes well with him. The player is also confident that “I have the confidence to take out (Azir) anytime.”

Kwak Bo-seong picked Azir for the second time this season following the Hanwha Life Insurance Esports match on the 27th of last month. And from 2020, Boseong Kwak successfully completed his 100th performance of the first movement against his own team, with which he had been involved for two years. He succeeded in a spectacular Super Toss in an important object battle and rescued the team from the mire. He recorded 5 kills, 1 death and 5 assists, and was named POG.

Azir is the champion he showed from the first game of the 2016 spring season when he debuted as a pro gamer. For such a champion to reach triple digits in play count is special for him as well. In an interview after the match, he expressed his affection for the champion, saying, “In the past, I thought the champion that symbolized me was Zed, but now it definitely seems to be Azir.”

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