It’s a trade rumor again. The possibility of Ohtani Shohei (29)’s trade is being mentioned after Mike Trout (32) left due to an injury.

Major League Baseball’s official website mentioned the possibility of Otani transferring before the trade deadline on the 6th (Korea Standard Time).

This is related to Trout’s injury and LA Angels performance. Trout’s departure has created the possibility that the LA Angels will make a seller declaration.

Trout was recently placed on the injured list after suffering a broken left hip bone. This is an injury that occurred during the swing process. He will be absent for up to two months.

Trout will not be able to play for a 메이저놀이터 while. In addition, the LA Angels are in third place in the American League West with a 45-43 winning rate of 0.511 until the 5th.

The gap with the New York Yankees, the third-place wild card, is four games. It is still too early to give up the postseason. In this situation, Trout’s long-term departure occurred.

If the LA Angels virtually give up their postseason advancement due to Trout’s departure, they can push for an Otani trade with half a year left in their contract.

Of course, if the LA Angels are aiming to sign Otani with huge funds, the trade will not take place regardless of whether they give up their postseason advancement.

It is theoretically possible to trade Otani and then catch him again in the free-agent market, but this is actually difficult.

There is no guarantee that the Los Angeles Angels’ contract with Otani will succeed. As a result, rumors of Ohtani’s trade have been steadily raised.

Despite Trout’s departure, will he keep Otani until the end, aiming to advance to the postseason. Or will you sell Otani, who cannot guarantee the contract, at the highest price as possible.

This is the Los Angeles Angels’ worry. Trout’s injury brought the possibility of Ohtani trade back to the surface, which had not been raised for a while due to his better team performance compared to last year.

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