DK won the first set with the unheard Jace at the fore.

On the 25th, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, a confrontation between Nongshim and DK took place in the 2nd week of the 1st round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’.

On this day, Nongshim featured Park Geun-woo of “Healthy”, Lee Seung-bok of “Sylvie,” Ahn Hyeon-seo of “Fiesta,” Ha In-seong of “Vital”, and Jung Yun-soo of “Peter,” and Kim Chang-dong of “Kanna”, Kim Geon-bu of “Canyon,” Heo-soo of “Showmaker,” and Dee of “Kanna” in DK. Kim “Ft” Hyuk-kyu and Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu took part.

In the first set, Nongshim picked Irelia, Sejuani, Syndra, Jerry, and Yumi. DK chose Renekton, Alice, Jace, Lucian, and Nami.

In the early lane battle, DK led and pushed Nongshim. Canyon focused on objects rather than trying to gank quickly and took the first land dragon. After that, DK monopolized the object and dominated the first half.


Nevertheless, Nongshim also raised its vitals by collecting kills in battles. The long-awaited time for the third wind dragon, DK caught the separated strong and accumulated 3 dragon stacks.

DK who opened up global gold. Nongshim began to dry and die slowly. Around the 23rd minute, DK put pressure on Nongshim with poking and obtained the wind dragon soul. Nongshim, who gave up its soul, also stabbed DK well, but it was not enough to make up for the damage.

DK, who ate Baron, began to solidify his victory. Around the 31st minute, DK attacked Nongshim’s elder try, launched an ace, and pushed into the midfield.

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