Director Yoo Sang-wook of ‘Ryu’ expressed his gratitude to Noh Tae-yoon of ‘Budol’.

On the 1st, at the LCK Arena located in Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ regular season, Liv Sandbox vs. Nongshim Red Force, was held.

On this day, Liv Sanbak showed perfect breathing and operation, grabbed Nongshim and achieved 4 consecutive wins, rising to third place.

In an interview with the winning team after the game, coach Yoo Sang-wook and Kim Jung-hyun revealed what they prepared for the Nongshim match, the secret to Liv Sanbak’s winning streak, and their determination to face the Genji match. 안전놀이터

The following is the full text of the interview with director Yoo Sang-wook and Kim Jung-hyun.

First of all, please tell us about your victory.

Director Yoo: I am happy with the win, and I personally feel very happy because I think I won without any mistakes.

Kim Jung-hyun: I am happy to have won 4 games in a row, and I am satisfied that the team management seems to have been neat.

What did you pay attention to while preparing for Nongshimjeon?

Manager Yu: What I felt while watching Nongshim’s games was that we could bring an edge in every line. So it was important to bring in a champion who could definitely have an edge.

Kim Jung-Hyun: Since I am a jungler, I watched the opponent’s jungle a lot, and since ‘Sylvie’ tends to make a clever movement in the beginning, I thought a lot about how ‘Sylvie’ would do the movement in the actual game.

Actively opened the fight from the beginning of the game.

Director Yu: The color of the team itself likes to fight. I think that part will naturally come out in all games.

Kim Jung-hyun: I don’t think we’ll push in that part because we’re good at the angle of engagement.

Where do you think Liv Sanvak is located in the West?

Director Yoo: If the current atmosphere continues, I think it will be in the western region. If you practice the same as you did, you will be able to maintain it.

Kim Jung-hyun: I think I can beat anyone, no matter who my opponent is, so I try to focus on our game without worrying about the opponent.

What’s the secret to Liv Sanvac’s winning streak?

Director Yoo: It seems that all players are improving because of their greed to want to do well. Also, the coaches, including myself, are diligently analyzing the opponent.

Kim Jeong-hyun: The coaches and coaches study ban-picks in the direction we need for each game. As long as the ban pick is good, I think I can win as long as I don’t make mistakes in the actual game.

What should Liv Sanbak do to improve?

Director Yu: I think there will definitely be problems that come from the difference in experience. I think we need to continue to develop so that there is no difference in areas such as operation later.

Kim Jeong-hyun: If the team goes halfway through the second half, the game can change just by judgment, so I think we need to keep paying attention to that part and give feedback.

Who is the most important player in Liv Sanvak’s rise?

Director Yoo: If I had to choose one player, I would choose ‘Budol’. Even when picking relatively unfavorable picks, he is faithful to his role and is helping the team a lot.

Kim Jung-hyun: I can’t pick just one. All five members are doing their best while creating synergy in their respective positions.

(To coach Yoo) Lee Ju-hyeon, the ‘Closer’, is called a ‘double-edged sword’. How does the coach see it?

‘Closer’ is definitely a double-edged sword. However, he has a much higher physical level than other players, so he tried to use that part as much as possible, and his teammates are helping a lot, so it seems like synergy is coming out.

(Director Yoo) Why did you order ‘Closer’ to go aggressive?

He believes that he must be aggressive to defeat his opponent psychologically. I think it’s good to be aggressive in any line.

The next match is against Gen.G. Please give me a word of determination.

Coach Yoo: I’m worried because Gen.G thinks all lines are good, but I think we can win enough if we continue as we prepared.

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