a professional basketball player who received overdue wages, won a victory over KT with ‘archery basketball’, which focuses on 3-point shots.

The focus of the Carrot players shined even amidst the turbulent team atmosphere due to the search for a new parent company.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.

[Reporter] When

Lee Jeong-hyeon of Carrot scored 3 points in a row, Ha Yoon-gi of KT responded with an under-the-goal shot. 토토사이트

Carrot, who put forward the outside shot, and KT, who put forward the height, faced each other tightly in the first set.

However, from the 2nd set, while KT’s shooting and defensive hunting continued, Carrot gained strength.

Carrot, who was trailing 25 to 27, opened up the score by 21 points thanks to successful 3-pointers such as Allegji, Kim Gang-sun, and Jo Han-jin, starting with Seong-Hyun Jeon’s 3-pointer.

Every time KT tried to chase, Carrot, who suppressed the momentum with steals and outside shots, won 83-67.

Carrot made a total of 12 three-pointers, Lee Jung-hyun scored 16 points, and Lawson scored 22 points.

This month, too, he received overdue wages just before this game, and the club was in a turbulent atmosphere, such as looking for a new owner, but Carrot was not shaken.

“Looking at our performance, it doesn’t seem to have much of an impact. I’m always thinking a lot about focusing on the game… My goal is to make it to the semifinals, so I’m doing my best.”

Carrot, who kept 5th place despite the club noise, showed his will to spring basketball.

Lee Kwan-hee throws a sharp pass to help Kim Jun-il score.

Dig directly under the goal and make a successful layup shot.

2nd place LG, which was traded from Samsung to LG in 2021, and Kim Jun-il jointly scored 27 points.

They won 5 consecutive home games with a 96-78 victory over the bottom Samsung.

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