Legendary figures of Korean professional baseball started cheering for children with childhood cancer by making a ‘7’ shape with their fingers.

According to Chilgok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 8th, former SK Wyverns coach Lee Man-soo (64) participated in the ‘Lucky Chilgok Challenge’ to support childhood cancer children by making a ‘finger 7’ with his left hand and taking a commemorative photo on the 7th.

Lucky Chilgok originated from the fact that the first letter of Chilgokgun, ‘Chil’, sounds the same as the number ‘7’, which means good luck.

After the story of a girl with leukemia in Chilgok asking Heung-Min Son, who competed in the World Cup in Qatar, to perform a goal ceremony with ‘Finger 7’ became known, the Korea Children’s Leukemia Foundation started it for the first time to support children with cancer.

For this challenge, you can post a picture of yourself in a number 7 pose with your left hand and a message cheering for children with childhood cancer on SNS (social network service), and then nominate two or more participants.

Seo Seon-won, 토토 who was nominated as the secretary-general of the Korea Children’s Leukemia Foundation, took part in the challenge, and nominated Korean professional baseball legends Park Chul-soon, Seon Dong-yeol, and Lee Seung-yeop as the next runners-up.

Director Lee said, “Adversity and difficulties always come in life, but don’t get frustrated.”

Former coach Park Cheol-soon encouraged children with childhood cancer, saying, “I screamed ‘I want to live’ and whenever there was a hill, I tried to cross it even by dragging my body.” .

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