Professional soccer K League 2 Busan I-Park coach Park Jin-seop (46) suggested strengthening scoring power as a solution to promote to K-League 1 in the 2023 season.

Director Park Jin-seop said at a press conference at the 2023 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp held at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 9th, “The goal is promotion to the 1st division,” and said, “I was worried about that part because I didn’t score well last season.”

Busan scored 34 goals in the K-League 2 last season, scoring the least among 11 teams.

Compared to the 70 goals in Daejeon, which scored the most goals, it was less than half of the offensive power.

Since they failed to score a goal in an event where a goal must be scored to win, the team ranked only 10th out of 11 teams (9 wins, 9 draws, 22 losses).

Head coach Park Jin-seop, who replaced Ricardo Perez (Portugal) as manager of Busan in June last year, was confident that Busan will show a different side this season, having led from winter training.

Coach Park said, “Actually, it is regrettable that the plan to recruit foreign players for the striker position has gone wrong.”

He explained, “We have been preparing for the recruitment of foreign strikers since October of last year, and we are almost at the final stage of the recruitment, but there is a problem with the final contract process and it is likely to fail.” did.

Although the recruitment of foreign players, which is the best way to increase scoring power, was disrupted, coach Park said, “There are existing players, and we will increase the offensive power through tactical changes.” It’s over, and we will try to find the best way to do it through training while communicating with the players until the opening day.”

Coach Park, who completed the first winter training in Thailand and set up a training camp in Busan from the beginning of this month, said, “In Thailand, we checked the tactical part through practice games and the like, and also focused on the physical aspect.” “Especially in the second half of last year, “I had a problem with low stamina, but this year, I focused on building enough stamina to digest 90 minutes,” he said.

He emphasized that he would use the 10th place in the second division last year as a springboard for a leap forward this year.

Coach Park said, “I motivate the players, saying, ‘Let’s train while keeping in mind the poor performance of last year.’ Rather, if you get on the mood in the beginning, you will become a bigger force and be able to hit and go.”

So, coach Park’s calculation is that the results at the beginning of the season are important.

He said, “As the season began, I couldn’t play the first three games at home because of the grounds,” he said.

Director Park said, “Since Cheonan is a new team, it is difficult to obtain information, and we will prepare a lot.” 온라인카지노

He, who had a career in leading Gwangju’s promotion in 2019 as the command tower of Gwangju FC, said, “There were quite a few experienced players in Gwangju, and the difference is that now Busan is focused on young players.” If you cheer for me, I will definitely repay you with good performance,” he told fans of his determination ahead of the start of the season.

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