If you look at the homepage of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, you can sometimes find unusual cases. This is the case of ‘foreign students’ entering the school.

It’s not common, but there have been cases where international students have been registered as players, mainly in high school baseball. In 2009, ‘Kawagoe Shota (Korean name: Noh Ji-hoon)’ of Gwangju Ilgo and Shihiro, pitcher of Chungam High School, and Yu Sang-bin (Hanhwa) of Incheon High School also had Chinese name notation registered as player names until the official naturalization process was completed. .

Expect to see something like this this year as well. This is because the two brothers of Eunpyeong BC have completed registration as players in the association. The main characters are Daniel Jang from middle school and Michael Jang from high school. The two Korean-American brothers are American nationals and joined Eunpyeong BC this time. And both will be active from this season under English names.

His older brother, Michael, can play both an infielder and a pitcher. After playing as a player at Eunpyeong BC, his goal is to go to an American university and advance to the major leagues. If you stand out in the country, there is a possibility of draft nomination, but it is a situation that requires an official answer from the association and KBO whether it is a qualification. However, in the case of Lee Kevin, who was nominated by Samsung, it is not that there is no way to play in Korean professional baseball if he stands out in domestic high school baseball. However, for now, he expressed his intention to focus on the game with the body of a high school sophomore.

His younger brother, Daniel, is a third-year middle school student this year and plans to play baseball for Eunpyeong BC High School in the future. Rumor has it that he can play any position except catcher. If it wasn’t for the elbow injury, he boasts a pitch that is comparable to that of most pitchers. In the United States, I played baseball 2 or 3 times a week, so the basics were well equipped, but in Korea, there is no such system, so I found Eunpyeong BC at the moment when I lost interest in baseball. So now it is said that the fun of baseball has been restored.

Eunpyeong BC, which has been reborn since this year, will continue to receive international students. Chairman Ahn Gye-jang, who has been looking for good talents while traveling to and from China and Taiwan, is also planning to help him do so. Just as it has already become common for general universities to accept foreign students, domestic middle and high schools are also able to see foreign students playing baseball. 바카라

As much as they have a special story, it will be fun to watch the two brothers perform on stage in middle school and high school. In Eunpyeong BC, there are second-generation Korean-Americans, brothers Michael and Daniel.

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