Yeosu Hwayanggo met with the Armed Forces Athletic Corps Commercial Basketball Team through the Elite Used Basketball Talent Donation Program at Heungguk Indoor Gymnasium in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, on March 23.

The talent donation program, organized and hosted by the Korea Middle and High School Basketball Federation and the 메이저사이트 Commercial Basketball Team, began on the 15th at Samil Middle and High School, followed by Seongnam Middle and Naksang High School on the 16th, Incheon Annam Middle and Jeseoppo High School on the 18th, Gwangshin Middle and Gwangshin Bangye High School on the 19th, Hwamun Middle and Hongdae University High School on the 20th, and finally Yeocheon Middle and Hwayang High School on the 23rd.

Park In-seop (G, 176 cm), a junior at Hwayang High School, waited to meet his role model through talent donation.

“When Heo Hoon walked into the gym, my heart felt magnificent,” Park recalled of their first meeting.

In the past, Inseob Park has mentioned Heo Hoon as a role model in interviews. Upon reading this article, Hwayang High senior Kim Nak-hyun shared a playful joke with his alma mater.

“I still admire Heo Hoon,” said Park In-seop, “and I also admire my hometown and alma mater, Kim Nak-hyun.”

During the talent show, Park concentrated on not missing the moves of his role model and alma mater. He coached Heo Hoon on one-on-one offense and defense, and Kim Nak-hyun on two-on-two play.

Park said, “It was great to learn what a guard needs from good players. Personally, I was curious about 2-on-2, but they explained it well and it was helpful. I also had a good time learning 1-on-1.”

After the talent show, Park showed off his strengths against Sangmoo in a 5-on-5 mini-game. He confidently executed one-on-one attacks such as dribbling and floaters.

He said, “I will try to make what I learned from my good brothers my own. I will become a better player with the opportunity to donate my talent.”

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