Pohang Steelers reported victory in three games after a fierce slugfest.

Pohang beat Jeju United 4-2 in the 23rd round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at Pohang Steel Yard at 7:30 p.m. on the 16th. As a result, Pohang scored 41 points to close the gap with Ulsan (53 points). Jeju remained in eighth place with 30 points without winning eight games in the league.

Pohang started with a 4-5-1 formation. Jeka, Baek Min-dong, Ko Young-joon, Kim Seung-dae, Kim Joon-ho, Oberdan, Wandelsson-Grant-Park Joon-yong-Park Seung-wook, and Hwang In-jae stepped on the stadium first.

Jeju faced off with a 3-4-3 formation 안전놀이터추천. Hayes-Yuri Jonathan-Kim Joo-gong, Kim Dae-hwan, Kim Bong-soo, Lee Ki-hyuk, Ahn Tae-hyun, Lee Ju-yong, Yeon Je-woon, Kim Oh-kyu, and Kim Dong-joon started.

Jeju took the lead at the beginning of the game. Jeju threatened Pohang with strong pressure from the front. Pohang had a hard time preventing Jeju’s side offensive.

Pohang, which had been slowing down, scored the first goal with a single shot. In the 15th minute of the first half, Yeon Je-woon failed to properly clear Kim Seung-dae’s cross from the right, and the ball flowed to Ko Young-joon in front of the goal. Ko Young-joon did not miss it and finished with an accurate left-footed shot.

Jeju also hit back. Hayes’ powerful mid-range shot slightly missed the right side of the goal in the 27th minute of the first half, and in the 28th minute, Yuri Jonatan dug into the back of the defense and split the net, but an offside was declared.

Pohang hit the ground due to bad luck in the goalpost. In the 34th minute of the first half, Baek Sung-dong, who caught the ball from the left side, peeled off the defense with a cool personal skill and aimed at the goal with a right-footed kick. However, the ball that left his right foot hit the opposite post.

Jeju turned the game to square one. In the 9th minute of the second half, Yuri Jonatan crossed to the center, and Kim Joo-gong finished it with an accurate header to tie the score 1-1.

Jeju, which gained momentum, turned the game around. In the 25th minute of the second half, Yeon Je-woon hit a corner kick from the right to his head and scored a come-from-behind goal. Yeon Je-woon’s high offer, which completely shook off the defense, shone.

Pohang did not collapse easily either. In the 28th minute of the second half, Grant tied the score again with his head when Wandelsson wrapped up a free kick with his left foot.

Pohang quickly took the lead again. In the 29th minute of the second half, Wandelsson received Zecca’s pass and dug into the back left space and penetrated the top of the goal with a fantastic left-footed shot. It was an incredible speed.

Jeju did not give up until the end for one point, but rather the additional goal was up to Pohang. In the 8th minute of extra time in the second half, Kim In-sung took the ball from the side and started a counterattack, and Auberdan handed the ball to the side without greed in a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper. Kim Seung-dae pushed it lightly and drove a wedge. In the end, the fierce game was dominated by Pohang’s 4-2 victory.

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