Line drive home run in 2 consecutive games. From the demonstration game, Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom)’s bat is blowing fire. To Lee Jung-hoo, who proved his competitiveness at the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Korea seems too small. 

Lee Jung-hoo hit a multi-long hit with a two-run home run in the 3rd inning in the match against Hanhwa in Daejeon on the 19th, followed by a wedge, 2 RBIs and a double in the 4th inning. Thanks to Lee Jung-hoo’s performance, Kiwoom’s batting line exploded after a long time and defeated Hanwha 12-4. 

The Korean baseball team left a big disappointment by being eliminated early in the first round three times in a row at the WBC, but Lee Jung-hoo’s bat was a great comfort. He played in 4 WBC games with a batting average of 토토사이트 4.2 9 Lee (6-for-14) with 5 RBI, 2 walks and 1 strikeout OPS of 1.071. In the match against Japan, he hit big leaguer Yu Darvish (San Diego) at the right time in the 3rd inning and struggled with 2 hits and 1 RBI in 4 at-bats. 

Lee Jeong-hoo, who returned to Kiwoom after finishing the WBC, is hitting hard every day in the demonstration game. On the 16th, the first game of his return, against Gocheok KIA, he hit left-hander Yoon Yeong-cheol, who is attracting attention as a top-notch rookie, in the first at-bat in the first inning and hit the middle right on the first pitch. He even stole third base after advancing to second base on a walk by Edison Russell. 

Then, on the 18th, against Hanwha in Daejeon, he hit a home run from the first at-bat in the first inning. Against Hanhwa’s second-year special fireballer Moon Dong-ju, he turned a full swing from three balls and passed a 152km fastball over the right wall. Distance 115m. In the third inning, he got a walk after a full count match. Moon Dong-ju, whose only run was the home run given to Lee Jung-hoo, said after the game, “I could definitely feel Lee Jung-hoo’s class. It was a ball thrown to catch a strike in a three-ball. I thought he had good fastball power, but senior Lee Jung-hoo also hit well.” 

Lee Jung-hoo’s class continued on the 19th against Hanwha. This time, Felix Pena, a foreign pitcher who was selected as Hanwha’s spring camp pitching MVP, was defeated by Lee Jung-hoo. In the 3rd inning with 2nd out and 2nd base, Lee Jeong-hoo hit Pena’s 137km changeup outside the second pitch and passed the right wall with another line drive. 115m flying distance, come-from-behind two-run gun. In the 4th inning safely on 1st and 2nd base, he exploded a double to the changed pitcher Han Seung-ju. On the third pitch, he rolled up an outside fastball and connected it to a left-mid-wall double. A two-run double hit that allowed even the runner on first base to come home. He finished the game early with a multi-long hit including a home run.

The results of the 3 games in the demonstration game were 4 hits in 6 at-bats, 2 homers, 5 RBIs and 1 walk. After the game, Lee Jung-hoo said, “It seems that a lot of long hits are coming out as I improved my condition early in preparation for the WBC. I will prepare well for the opening without getting hurt.” Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki also praised him, saying, “It is impressive to see Lee Jeong-hoo continue his good hitting.” 

Lee Jung-hoo, who confirmed his challenge for the US Major League after finishing this season, started preparing early as a reserve big leaguer. In response to the fastball, the hand position was moved from the back of the ear to the front of the chest and shoulder in preparation for hitting, and the swing was changed more concisely. In the WBC, he wielded a strong blow with a new form, and is continuing that momentum in the demonstration game. This year, which will probably be the last in the KBO League, Lee Jung-hoo is predicting another terrifying monster season.

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