The players who were at the top of the Premier League scoring rankings last season fell into a slump this season side by side.

On the 4th (local time), the British Athletic introduced this season’s scoring records of the players who were named in the top 10 Premier League scoring rankings last season. Apart from Kane, who scored 16 goals in the Premier League this season, none of the top Premier League goalscorers last season have scored more than 10 goals this season.

Son Heung-min scored 23 goals in the Premier League last season, becoming the first Asian player to become the top scorer in the Premier League, but this season he has scored 4 goals. Salah, who was joint top scorer with Son Heung-min, is also sluggish with only 7 goals this season. 토토사이트

De Bruyne, who showed off his scoring ability by scoring 15 goals in the Premier League last season, is only scoring 3 goals in the Premier League this season. Manchester City, who won the Premier League title last season, is competing for the lead this season and showing off unchanging performance, but The Bruiner’s scoring power has decreased significantly.

Ronaldo, who finished third in the Premier League with 18 goals last season, was released from Manchester United and moved to Al Nasr. Mane, who scored 16 goals, moved to Bayern Munich, and Jota, who scored 15 goals last season, has been scoreless in the league this season due to injuries and other factors.

Vardy, who scored 15 goals in the Premier League last season, has shown signs of aging with just one goal this season. Zaha, who scored 14 goals, is now scoring 6 goals, and Sterling, who scored 13 goals last season, is struggling with only 4 goals this season. As the Premier League has passed the turning point this season, the sluggishness of the league’s leading strikers is attracting attention.

Regarding Son Heung-min’s poor scoring this season, The Athletic said, “Son Heung-min scored 23 goals last season, although the expected score was 15.6 goals. Few people predicted Son Heung-min’s slump this season. ‘Son Heung-min’s expected points per game decreased by 70% and the number of dribbles decreased significantly. Over the past five seasons, Son Heung-min’s dribble success rate has been 54-58%, but this season has dropped to 32%. He expressed the meaning of ‘do not create opportunities for yourself’. Also, ‘If Kane supplies the ball steadily, there is no problem, but there has been a change in Tottenham’s build-up. Heung-Min Son even mentioned that, rather than receiving a pass, he tries to give it.

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