‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jung-young has finally succeeded in signing a contract with the UFC.

‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jung-young (27, Strong Gym) won a 3rd round split decision victory over Lee Ja (26, China). It was a rather difficult match, but Lee Jung-young smiled after the match.

On the 5th (Korean time), at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Lee Jung-young and Lee Ja-ja competed in the ‘Road to UFC’ featherweight final at the ‘UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Spivak’ tournament.

‘Road to UFC’ is a quarter-final tournament in which Asia’s top MMA prospects participate, and the winner signs a contract with the UFC. Starting with a total of 32 people in four weight classes, flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, and lightweight, only eight people remain to compete in the finals. 온라인바카라

Among the Korean fighters who made it to the finals of ‘Road to UFC’, Lee Jung-young has definitely established himself as the most promising player in this event.

In the quarterfinals and semifinals, Lee Jung-young defeated a Chinese fighter within one minute and came up. In the quarterfinals, he defeated Xiebin with an armbar submission, and in the semifinals, he won a punch TKO victory over Lu Kai. The two races combined made it to the final in 78 seconds.

Lee Jung-young’s opponent, Lee Ja, had a strong desire to take revenge on Lee Jung-young on behalf of China. Lee Jung-young made Lee Ja uncomfortable by engaging in intense provocations and nervous warfare. So, after the semi-final match, Lee Ji-ja fiercely pushed his forehead and started a physical fight.

Lee Jung-young said, “The opponents we really have to compete with are fighters in the top 5 of the UFC rankings. I don’t think I’ll go past the 1st round this time either. It will be over within two minutes at the most,” he said with confidence.

“(Iza) will go through a very terrible day on the day of the match and meet with shocking results. I hope you have a strong mindset in preparation for nightmares.”

After the match started, Lee Ja tried grappling to escape Lee Jung-young’s blow. Lee Ja brought Lee Jung-young to the ground. Lee Jung-young stood up and withstood Lee Ja’s sticky pressure. The first round went in the direction Lee wanted.

In the second round, Lee Ja also attempted a takedown. Lee Jung-young got out of Lee’s clinch fight challenge and tried to solve it with a blow. However, he struggled with his opponent’s tackle.

Lee Jung-young tried to turn the atmosphere around by landing an uppercut. Every time Lee Jung-young landed a punch, Lee Ja tried to grapple. Lee Ja succeeded in tackling until the end and won the point. In the end, he turned to judgment. The referee’s decision was 30-27, Lee Ji-ja, 29-28, 29-28 Lee Jung-young, who won the match 2-1 split decision.

Lee Jung-young’s victory is because the UFC recently wanted an impactful blow and a decisive look to go from submission to finish.

In an interview right after the game, Lee Jung-young cheered, saying, “The next plan is Max Holloway and Volkanovski.” “In fact, even before the ‘Road to UFC’ tournament, I prepared for the fight with a torn right cruciate ligament. There was a difficult point (with the opponent’s grappling) because I tried to do it with only fists, but I won this time. I will quickly recover my cruciate ligament and return to a new look.”

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