KBO (President Heo Gu-yeon) will hold the 2023 KBO Rookie Orientation at the Daejeon Convention Center on the 12th.

The 2023 KBO Rookie Orientation, which has been replaced by online education for the past two years due to Corona 19 and is conducted face-to-face again, targets a total of 130 new players and foster players.

The orientation begins with President Huh Gu-yeon delivering a welcome message to new players taking their first steps into the KBO league, and having time to introduce the KBO league in general from the KBO management team.

Following this, Park Yong-taek, a sports commentator at KBS N, plans to share candid stories about the mindset he should have as a professional player for his juniors and the self-management know-how that enabled him to have a successful 19-season career as a player in the KBO League. 토토사이트

Afterwards, in the media interview and fan service lecture, you will learn how to respond to the media and how to interview properly as a professional player who is exposed to the media frequently. MBC SPORTS+ Announcer Park Ji-young will be a lecturer, educating fans on the value and meaning of fans and effective fan service methods in line with the ‘Fan First’ era.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Son Young-bae of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office conducts education on sports ethics and prohibition of cheating, which contains contents that can prevent and prevent cheating and damage to dignity in advance. In addition, KBO auditor Woo-Jung Kim will conduct the education in the financial management lecture, which contains appropriate salary management plans such as savings and deposits, and the KBO rookie orientation schedule will be completed after the presentation of the player’s pension.

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