Is it a salary cap bump? A record 11 players received 100%+ salary increases despite the free agency market not having closed.

The KBL announced the results of the free agency on April 22. Of the 47 eligible players, 29 signed contracts. Of the 29, nearly half, or 14, left for other teams.

Compared to last year, when 20 of the 27 players signed in free agency moved on, this year’s signings were more likely to stay with their current teams.

Even more striking than the transfers is the fact that 11 players signed with salary increases (salary + incentives) of more than 100%.

Choi Sung-won signed with Anyang KGC with a 339.6% increase from 91 million won to 400 million won, and Lee Ho-hyun also hit the FA jackpot with a 300% increase from 60 million won to 240 million won. This is the fifth and sixth time in their careers that they have received a 300%+ increase.

In addition, a total of 11 메이저놀이터 players signed contracts with salary increases of more than 100% and enjoyed FA benefits.

The previous record for most 100%+ raises in a free agency market was eight in 2018 and 2020.

The total number of free agents with 100%+ raises in the free agency market since 2001 was 65 through last year. This year’s 11 additions bring the total to 76.

The free agency market isn’t closed yet. Thirteen players are still waiting to be picked up by other teams. They’ll have the opportunity to renegotiate with their original clubs.

If any of them get a 100%+ raise, the all-time record will be 11 more.

The KBL raised its salary cap from 2.6 billion won to 2.8 billion won starting next season. This is the first time in history that the salary cap has increased by 200 million won in a single season. Moreover, unlike last season, the salary cap does not include the salaries of players recruited from the Asian quota, so the actual salary cap increase is about 400 million won.

It seems that there are more free agents than in previous seasons who have increased their salaries by more than 100% because of the salary cap space.

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