A teammate who is active in Europe at the same time as Cristiano Ronaldo and eats rice, said that other players are suffering because of Ronaldo’s presence.

Luis Gustavu said on the 7th (Korean time) through the Middle Eastern media ‘RT Arabic’ that Ronaldo’s presence is making it difficult for his teammates. 토토사이트

Gustavu said in an interview, “The presence of Ronaldo makes the opposing team more willing to beat us. His presence makes our game more difficult,” he said.

Gustavo is a Brazilian midfielder who joined Al Nasr last summer. He is a seasoned veteran who has played in Europe, having played for Hoffenheim, Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg, Marseille and Fenerbahce in the past.

In particular, Gustavu is a well-known player in Korea as he has experience playing with Koo Ja-cheol at Wolfsburg and Kim Min-jae at Fenerbahce.

Ronaldo, who was active at the same time as Gustavo, moved to the Middle East by signing a contract with Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr on December 31 last year.

Ronaldo, who canceled his contract with Manchester United on November 23 last year during the World Cup, searched for a new club in Europe, but could not find it.

He eventually signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Al Nasr. It is known that Al-Nassr decided to pay Ronaldo an annual salary of 200 million euros and a whopping 270 billion won in Korean currency.

Ronaldo, who made his debut in the 14th round of the Saudi Pro League against Etipark on January 22nd, led the match to a 2-2 draw with a dramatic penalty kick in the second half of the extra time in the 15th round against Alphatech on the 3rd.

Gustavu did not express regret about Ronaldo.

“Ronaldo’s presence guarantees a huge advantage for our team, because we learn from him every day. We see the great technical and physical level he has,” he said.

“Ronaldo is a man born to challenge. And he still continues to challenge. He reported the first goal and got out of the pressure,” he praised.

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