“If Otani is taken away, Trout can go on the next move.”

The LA Angels’ 2023 season has entered the final stage in vain. Unusually, he came out as a buyer just before the trade deadline, but he suffered a terrible failure. It created a skit in which players who were urgently recruited were sent back to preserve Payroll.

And Ohtani Shohei, 29, will leave for another club in the 2023-2024 FA market. In the end, the Angels will face the worst of the disaster level, with no grades, no otani, no future. Against this backdrop, U.S. media outlets have recently even mentioned the possibility of trading Mike Trout (32).

The logic is that the Angels should get promising players by selling Trout without holding anything through Otani. In other words, keeping Trout at this point will not help the club’s future. Trout signed a 12-year, $426.5 million extension with the Angels ahead of the 2019 season. A seven-year, $248 million (about 329 billion won) contract remains.메이저놀이터

Sports Illustrated’s LA Angels fan Nation Hallos Today strongly insisted on Trout’s trade on the 14th (Korea Standard Time). It reported that there has been a trade discussion since last year. He argued that it is right to trade for the team’s long-term direction because he doesn’t get anything through Otani.

Then USA Today’s Bob Nightingale raised the theory of reality. “The 32-year-old Trout will not make the same profit as he did in the past. He said, “I haven’t played in more than 140 games since the 2016 season, and if I don’t return this season, I will miss 249 games in the past three years.”

In fact, Trout has not been worthy of his name due to various minor injuries in recent years. Entering the 30th line, durability issues began in earnest. Nightingale makes sense. In other words, even if the Angels trade Trout, it will not be 100% satisfactory, but in the end, it is a dilemma for the Angels.

Trout/Getty Images Korea

“The Angels, who haven’t played the postseason for nine years, may be the worst club left unattended in the last decade in today’s sports world. “Although it is painful, Trout’s Angels life can end with a choice that hurts both the greatest player and fans in the club’s history,” he said. At this point, in a word, it is ‘no answer’.

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