October 27, 2022. The protagonist of Game 3 of the playoffs was Kiwoom closer Kim Jae-woong. In the top of the 8th inning, leading 6-4, Kim Jae-woong cleared Moon Bo-kyung’s short bunt ball with a diving catch from 1st and 2nd base, then got up like a tumbler, threw to 2nd base, and caught 2 outcounts at once.

It was a great scene in the fall of 2022 baseball, but history is divided into winners and losers. Moon Bo-gyeong, bowing her head at Kim Jae-woong’s super play, went back to the dugout and cried. And the coach who witnessed such an appearance confessed that he really did not want to look like that.

Hitting coach Lee Ho-jun is in his second season at LG. The training atmosphere and system of LG, which coach Lee Ho-joon has been through for the past year, was quite good. Individual body care was also good. He said that if he went back to his playing days, he would want to play for LG.

On the 3rd (Korean time), San Francisco Giants Baseball Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Hitting coach Lee Ho-jun and Mo Chang-min continued their T-bar batting training. On the 2nd, Song Chan-eui was the main character, but on this day, Moon Bo-gyeong had time to check and correct the swing path. I swung exactly 25 times without sweating like Song Chan-eui.

Coach Lee gave the ball to Moon Bo-kyung and talked to him like Chan-eui Song. When Moon Bo-kyung became an impact head-up, he started the engine saying, “My neck is broken,” and said, “Last Lunar New Year, one of the two people who didn’t call me was Moon Bo-kyung.”

Then, he immediately recalled the events of the day. “I really hated seeing Moon Bo-kyung shed tears,” she said. Afterward, she blew out a bold (?) six-headed character. I can’t express it in an article, but that much coach Lee hated seeing Moon Bo-kyung shed tears. Moon Bo-kyung, who was T-batting, focused on her training even though she put on a puzzled expression on her face.

Coach Lee said, “After being at LG for a year, the players are working hard and I like it, but they are too soft. If the coach says something, you should try to jump over it, but you bow down there. You shouldn’t look weak.” LG can be strong enough, but honestly diagnosed that it showed a little lacking.

In other words, even if Moon Bo-kyung failed to bunt, she wanted her to show a more confident side. Even if it was a crucial mistake, she expected her to express her ‘strong mentality’, saying that she could succeed next time even while writing evil. Coach Lee said, “One bunt can fail. From there, the flow completely passed to Kiwoom.”

Even coach Lee said, “Kiwoom made a lot of mistakes in the first game and lost. Later, when I heard about it, Kiwoom said that after the first game, he was rather calm and confident. seems to have gone there If you wear a uniform, you have to become a doll + a child. You have to be completely crazy about baseball.” It is the idea that you should always raise your fighting power to the highest level on the ground, and do not bow your head even if you lose or fail decisively. Being weak means you can lose before you even fight. 토토사이트

Coach Lee immediately recalled Jeong Geun-woo (strongest baseball player) in his SK days and said, “Even when he made a mistake, he just screamed, ‘How many games have I won because of me?’. Rather, it is necessary.” Of course, Jung Geun-woo had to listen to what coach Lee said at the time.

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