It was the request of ‘106.8 million pound man’ Enzo Fernandez. According to Express on the 27th (Korean time), Fernandez is known to have requested the complete transfer of Joao Feliz from owner Todd Boelli. Felix is ​​currently on loan at Chelsea from Atletico Madrid.

Fernandez and Felix have worn Chelsea kits this winter. After a fantastic performance at the last World Cup in Qatar, Fernandes left Benfica for Chelsea for the highest-paid English Premier League deal. Before Fernandez transferred, Felix was taking his place first. Felix, who had lost his place at Atletico Madrid, was on loan to Chelsea.

The two had a common denominator, having played together at Benfica. It is known that Felix called Fernandez first and even conveyed his intention to help. Fernández quickly became acquainted with Felice and, above all, was amazed by his abilities. Fernández said Felix was a very good player and asked the owner for a transfer. 안전놀이터

However, Fernandez’s recent form has not been very good. Fernandez has worn a much-anticipated Chelsea shirt, but has yet to impress. He is at the center of criticism for his rather sluggish performance. In his last European Champions League match against Dortmund, he was ridiculed for ‘call me a taxi’ for his slow pace. In this match against Tottenham, he also provided an excuse for the opening goal. Because of that, there are more reactions that say, ‘It’s not the time to care about such things’.

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