T1 dominated the opposing camp in the 24th minute with aggressive play.

스포츠토토 T1 won the 2023 ‘LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ spring regular season 2nd week against Guangdong Freecs with a set score of 2-0, held at the LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th. There was a fierce exchange of deals in the 2nd set, but following the 1st set, I won the match at a fast pace.

T1 took the lead and made an active initiation. ‘Owner’ Hyeon-jun Moon, who succeeded in the top dive, caught ‘Doo-du’ Lee Dong-ju. He was executed by a turret, but succeeded in overpowering him.

Intense line warfare unfolded, with Lee Min-hyung of “Kumayushi” double killing, Jae-hoon Jeong of “Murder” counterattacking, and Young-jae Ko of “Gifted Jae” catching Hong-jo Kim of “Keria”. In particular, with Go Young-jae as the lead, Guangdong pursued the fast-paced T1. However, T1 continued to grow, taking the Dragon 2 stat. In particular, supporter Caitlyn used her ultimate skill appropriately and led the match to a dominant flow.

The gap widened as T1 took down Baron in the 22nd minute. Guangdong made a surprise attack and a team fight broke out, but 4 T1 survived. The gold gap widened to 6000. T1 succeeded in destroying the Nexus without giving the opponent a chance to unite.

Moon Hyeon-jun, who entered the press room, said, “It was helpful to watch a lot of videos of Guangdong playing.” Coach Seong-Woong Bae explained why he picked Caitlin as a supporter, saying, “It’s a pick that I practiced a lot.” do,” he explained.

T1 will play the next game against Dplus Kia. In response, coach Bae said, “I think it is Deplus Kia to understand the jungle bottom meta well. It will be important to prepare and design the jungle bottom well.”

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