Director Kang Dong-hoon of “Hirai” expressed disappointment.

On the 3rd, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ season, kt Rolster vs. Guangdong Freecs, was held at the LCK Arena located in Lol Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

On this day, kt showed a sluggish appearance throughout the game, and in the end was defeated by Kwangdong 0:2.

In an interview with the losing team after the game, head coach Kang Dong-hun and ‘Bidi-D’ Bo-seong Kwak shared their thoughts on the ban-pick along with the general review of the match against Guangdong.

The following is the full text of the interview with director Kang Dong-hun and Kwak Bo-seong.

First of all, please give me a general review of the game. 스포츠토토

Coach Kang: Something unexpected happened, and the content of the game was terrible. I couldn’t do anything I prepared for in all areas, such as ban picks and combinations. Disappointing.

Kwak Bo-seong: In the first set, I felt like everyone was hardened together. He should have made up his mind quickly and participated in the second set, but he couldn’t do that, so it seems difficult.

(To Director Kang) Tristana came out in the second set. Was this the pick you expected?

Mid Tristana is a pick that we can and our opponents can play, but it has been used against Kassadin for a long time, and it appeared a lot during practice, so I expected it to come out to some extent.

You lost 3 matches against Guangdong, isn’t it burdensome?

Coach Kang: I think it’s important to quickly overcome the variables that occur during the ban-picking process and the in-game performance. Going to the playoffs in this state is not good. I think it’s important to overcome this and become a better team. However, I think I need to think a lot about the parts I mentioned before because they are working really well during the practice process.

Kwak Bo-seong: Since we are not in a situation where we are falling apart during practice, I think we should do it again while talking well.

(Director Kang) There are many stories about ban picks.

In the 2nd set, I think the ban/pick problem was big, and I don’t think this issue should happen again. The 3 sets before T1 were also similar, but this result happened again, so I think we need to talk a little more, and we need to make up for the lacking parts.

However, ban-picks are based on the width of players’ champions or matchups, and it seems that there is a part of the result because winning a game looks good and losing it looks infinitely bad.

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