Dplus Kia lost against T1 in the first match on the ninth day of the ‘2023 LoL Champions Korea (LCK)’ Spring Split on the 28th at Jonggak Roll Park. It’s the first loss of the season. After meeting with reporters after the game, coach Choi Chun-joo said, “I am upset about the result, but there is a lot to be gained. Based on this, I will definitely take revenge in the second round.”

The following is the full text of the interview with director Choi Chun-joo and Heo Soo of ‘Showmaker’.

Q. How would you rate today’s match?

Manager Choi Cheon-joo: Of course, I am sorry, angry, and upset because I aimed to win. Still, we were lacking in some things, and I think we clearly showed what we couldn’t do, so I think we’ll just have to work hard on that part.

‘Showmaker’: The opponent did very well. Various picks came out. I was not too discouraged and thought that I should improve further by taking this defeat as a lesson.

Q. What do you think is lacking?

Coach Choi Cheon-ju: The winning plan is different when a combination with a long arm meets a short one. The short side somehow has to engage well and win the game based on that. I wonder if we lacked that part.

‘Showmaker’: In the third dragon teamfight in the 2nd set, the angle was very beautiful, but I entered too early. If I did well at that time, I think I would have won earlier, so I regret it the most. Still, the next time we met, I felt that I had to work harder because I thought it was not an opponent I couldn’t beat.

Q. Did you expect the support of Kalista, who appeared with the 5th pick in Red in the 3rd set?

Manager Choi Cheon-ju: It would be a bit harsh to say that I expected it from a defeated position, but I expected it. It is very famous that ‘Keria’ uses various picks as support. The players were also very veterans, so they weren’t too upset.

Q. What was the most difficult thing about playing against T1 today?

‘Showmaker’: I thought it was very tricky when it comes to framing when teamfighting near objects. And when we overplayed the turn, the mid-top punished by using teleportation, I felt that we were a very good team.

Q. Then, what was the positive aspect of today’s match?

Coach Choi Chun-joo: When we prepare for the game, we prepare various compositions starting with the ban-pick. In the actual match, when ban-picks were drawn according to the composition, the ability to carry out laning battles within the composition we had set and the ability to lead the game were good.

‘Showmaker’: T1 has been able to match the sum for a long time, and each individual is good at laning, and it is a team with no major disadvantages. Against such a team, he showed some tight performance. I think we can become a team that is as strong as T1 if we don’t get too excited and practice while setting the direction well. It seems to have been a game to look forward to in the future.

Q. To what extent do you think the team’s harmony has improved?

‘Showmaker’: I think we still lack a lot. I can’t tell you specifically, but there are a lot of things that don’t work. When it comes to teamwork, communication, ban-pick synergies, and individual thoughts during teamfights are all included, but I think the scene where we took Kassadin’s triple kill in the third set today was also caused by a mismatch. I just think that I have to work hard because I am still lacking.

Q. Your next opponent is Gen.G eSports.

Head coach Choi Chun-joo: Judging from recent tournaments, I think we are still a well-balanced, strong team even though the roster has changed. Before the opening or at the very beginning of the league, the bottom players showed anxiety, but looking at the performance they showed in recent tournaments, I think they are a very strong team and a strong team. 메이저사이트

‘Showmaker’: I think that Genji is a team that is as strong as T1. I will make up for the parts I was disappointed with today so that I can win the next game so that I don’t disappoint the fans.

Q. Do you have any last words?

Director Choi Cheon-joo: The result is upsetting, but I think it’s positive when I look at it with a long breath because I have a lot to gain. Based on what I got today, I really want to get revenge in the second round. Fans may be upset too, but I hope you see a lot of good things and support me. Thank.

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