Can women’s soccer, which is on the edge of a cliff with two consecutive losses, use a miracle against the world’s strongest Germany?

The women’s national soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, will play the 3rd match of the 2023 International Football Federation (FIFA)토토사이트 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup group stage match against Germany at Brisbane Stadium in Queensland, Australia at 7 pm on the 3rd.

Korea is in danger of being eliminated after recording two consecutive losses against Colombia and Morocco. To qualify for the round of 16 in this tournament, in which 32 countries participate, they need to be in the top two of their group, but the chances are slim because their last opponent is Germany, which ranks second in the FIFA rankings.

First of all, after Korea defeats Germany, it has to wait until the results of the match between Colombia and Morocco. Colombia, which has won over Germany by more than five goals and is likely to top the group, must defeat Morocco.

However, in reality, it is not easy for Korea, which had been scoreless in the previous two group matches, to win by more than five goals against Germany. In addition, Germany, which is currently in second place in the group, is also expected to do its best in the match against Korea, as there is a possibility of being overturned by Morocco.

Of course, the ball is round, so you have to do your best until the end.

The women’s national team aims to reproduce the miracle of the men’s national soccer team that defeated Germany, the world’s No. 1 at the time, five years ago at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Previously, men’s football also recorded two consecutive losses in the group stage at the World Cup in Russia, but in the final match, they defeated Germany 2-0 and wrote the ‘Miracle of Kazan’.

If women’s football defeats Germany, it’s safe to call it a ‘Miracle in Brisbane’. Winning by more than five goals is easier said than done, but there are reasons to win.

The women’s national team, which was eliminated in the World Cup in France four years ago after losing all three of its group matches, is on the verge of defeat as it recorded two consecutive losses in this tournament as well. The humiliation of losing all three matches in two consecutive tournaments must be prevented. In addition, it is necessary to break the World Cup losing streak, which has continued since the defeat against France in the Round of 16 of the 2015 Canadian Tournament, at 6 games.

Attention is focusing on whether women’s soccer, which has become virtually difficult to advance to the round of 16, will be able to defeat Germany and build its final pride.

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