One of the greatest attractions of sports is its unpredictability. No matter how strong a team is, it is impossible to increase the win rate to 100%. In addition, even for a team with poor objective power, it is a sport that can catch a strong team depending on the condition of the day. The 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball match between Shinhan Bank and Woori Bank held at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on the 18th was also a game in which the charm of unpredictability was fully demonstrated.

Woori Bank is an absolutely invincible team that has played 18 games this season before the game and achieved 17 wins and 1 loss with an odds rate of 0.944. Danbi Kim, who was originally a good team and played the role of a lonely ace at Shinhan Bank, was recruited as a free agent (FA) before the season to build a truly luxurious corps. Danbi Kim literally showed off her all-around beauty with an average of 18.3 points, 8.8 rebounds, 6.8 assists, 1.7 steals and 1.4 block shots before the match, and instantly became the ace of Woori Bank.

On the other hand, Shinhan Bank is unable to properly compensate for the aftermath of Kim Dan-bi, who was the pillar of the team. Sonia Kim, who joined Danbi Kim as a reward player, plays a big role, averaging 19 points and 8.5 rebounds per game, but she feels the overall team power has fallen.

The three confrontations between the two teams before the match were also Woori Bank’s three-game winning streak. While Woori Bank scored an average of 74.33 points in 3 games, it gave only 56.67 points and showed a one-side performance with a margin of loss close to 20 points.

On the 18th, the advantage of Woori Bank in Gyeonggi Province was predicted. Although Woori Bank missed two starters, Park Hye-jin and Choi Yi-sam, Shinhan Bank also missed Yoo Seung-hee. It was true that the power of Woori Bank, which had a solid trio of Kim Dan-bi, Park Ji-hyeon, and Kim Jeong-eun, was one level higher.

However, all the predictions before the match were off to a good start. Shinhan Bank’s insane 3-point shot exploded throughout the game, destroying Woori Bank, which suffered only one defeat this season.

The protagonist of the victory was forward Kim Jin-young (26). Kim Jin-young, who wore a Shinhan Bank uniform as a compensation player for Umji Han, who started his professional life wearing a KB Stars uniform with the 2nd overall pick in the 2015 rookie draft and transferred as a free agent to BNK Some ahead of this season, is unstoppable in breaking through and shooting on days when he explodes. It emits incredible explosive power, but the downside is that the ups and downs are rather severe.

This day was a game where only Kim Jin-young’s strengths were fully demonstrated. Kim Jin-young, who warmed up his shot by scoring 8 points including 2 3-pointers from the 1st quarter, scored 26 points including 4 3-pointers until the 3rd quarter. Kim Jin-young’s attack power was fierce enough to reach 69% of the field goal rate. 슬롯사이트

Not only Kim Jin-young, but also Shinhan Bank’s 3-point shooting ability on this day seemed to be possessed. Until the third quarter, the entire Shinhan Bank team shot 18 3-pointers and hit 11 of them. The 2-point field goal rate was only 45% (13/29), but the 3-point shot success rate reached 61%, so it dragged on until the third quarter in an atmosphere that could not be defeated.

The fourth quarter started with Shinhan Bank leading 67-55. There was no way that Woori Bank, which was shining alone this season, would back down like this. Woori Bank, who had been dragged around throughout the game, showed off a terrifying shot from the start of the 4th quarter, leading to a 74-74 1-point tie with 3 minutes and 44 seconds left in the game.

At the moment when the sense of defeat engulfed the team again, Shinhan Bank’s veteran point guard Lee Kyeong-eun scored 5 consecutive points with a mid-range jumper and catch-and-3-point shot, widening the lead to 79-75. On the other hand, Woori Bank showed an unusual appearance in its crisis management ability, with Kim Jong-un and Park Ji-hyun committing turnovers one after another.

In the end, thanks to Kim Jin-young’s great performance and Lee Kyeong-eun’s clutch performance, Shinhan Bank took 81-78 and won their first win against Woori Bank this season, putting the season record at 5% with 9 wins and 9 losses. In addition, by expanding the ride with 5th place KB Stars (5 wins and 13 losses) into 4 games, the future journey towards ‘Spring Basketball’ became a step lighter. On the other hand, Woori Bank, which had been on a 14-game winning streak, was hit by Shinhan Bank’s 3-point shot and the winning streak

ended. He set a career-high scoring record that far exceeded his previous record of 23 points. Lee Kyung-eun, who scored the crucial 5 points at the end of the game, also lived up to her name with 15 points and 7 assists.

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