If you want to catch it, it bounces off. KIA Tigers outfielders practiced catching with a glove smaller than the palm of their hand.

KIA spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. The first training atmosphere on the 2nd (Korean time) was noisy.

While the players couldn’t adjust to the time difference, coach Lee Hyun-gon started the first training with an interesting program to quickly improve the condition of the outfielders.

It is an exercise in catching a light plastic ball with a ‘finger glove’ that is inserted between the thumb and forefinger to create a pocket.

It looks like it will be easy, but the players couldn’t catch the ball. It looks like a joke, but in fact, it is a basic training that requires the ball, glove, and gaze to be in a straight line.

Outfielders such as Choi Hyung-woo, Na Seong-beom, Socrates, Kim Ho-ryeong, Lee Chang-jin, and Kim Seok-hwan, who missed the ball in a row, soon corrected their posture and started catching the ball. At coach Lee Hyun-gon’s ‘coffee bet’, the players slammed their bodies to catch the ball. 토토사이트

Coach Lee Hyeon-gon, who was in charge of the training, explained the contents of the training, saying, “It is a training that can be fun while learning concentration and basic skills. It will also help improve the players’ condition.”

Tess-hyung, who is a master of defense, can also check the difficult defense training through video.

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