Gwangju FC coach Lee Jung-hyo promised to play offensive soccer in the K League 1 as well.

Coach Lee Jung-hyo said at the 2023 season K-League Winter Field Training Media Day held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do on the 8th, “I have no intention of keeping it in K-League 1. I think the only way to challenge courageously is to attack. Even if it is reckless, I have no intention of keeping it for the growth of the players.”

Last year, Gwangju, led by coach Lee Jeong-hyo, won the championship with overwhelming performances in the K-League 2. In particular, the evaluation that the rotation and attack tactics stood out was the main focus. In the K-League 1, since he is a challenger, it may be difficult to maintain the concept, but coach Lee has no compromises.

Director Lee Jeong-hyo said, “If you try with courage and taste failure, you will find a way. He tells the players ‘what am I going to do’. The reason I’m telling you first is because I don’t want to be a liar. I want to be honest with the players. I think the players are well aware of it and will do it aggressively.”

The following is a Q&A with director Lee Jeong-hyo.

  • Commitment this season.
    In winter training, I did well with the players. The preparation is not as good as I thought, but the players understand it well.
  • After a year, Gwangju came up to the K-League 1. What concept will you challenge this season?
    I think it came up easily, just like the citizens of Gwangju. I’m very sorry It came with the blood, tears and sweat of the team members. I put all my passion on the playground and pulled out everything the players had and came up. It’s a pity that that part has faded. Once again, I hope you know that our players have risen with blood, sweat and hard work.

Of course, I think K-League 2 and K-League 1 are different. I will take my colors no matter which team I take on. No matter what difficulties this year, I will aggressively go in the direction I pursued in K-League 2. Styles will try to score one goal, two goals and three goals.

  • How would you describe football this season?
    I told the players to take on the challenge with courage. I think our players will courageously challenge themselves on the field.
  • You said that training is not going well, what is the problem?
    The motivation of the players is quite good. The condition is also good. I gave a lot of difficult homework, but it seems that I don’t understand it more than I thought. It seems to be my fault. I’m sorry about that part, but I think it will get better and better with about 3 weeks left.

-What homework did you do?
It’s always a tactical story. I can’t tell you the exact tactics, but one team practice attacking and the other team practicing blocking. Change your position and do the opposite. I’m having a hard time because of that. When the players seem to be adapting, they change, and then change again. It seems to be having a hard time using my head.

-When I was a coach, I worked with Jeju coach Ki-il Nam, but I also had a failure experience.
Looking back now, I was promoted twice with coach Ki-il Nam. It seems that he was trying to keep I always imagined If I were to become a manager, I thought I would take over as K League 2 manager. I have no intention of keeping him in the K-League 1. I think the only way to challenge courageously is to attack. Even if it is reckless, I have no intention of keeping it for the growth of the players. You can see that part is different.

  • Wouldn’t it be unfair if you got beaten while playing reckless soccer?
    I think it will be more unfair if we keep against Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Jeju, Suwon Samsung, and Seoul and the results are bad. If you try with courage and taste failure, you will find a way. I tell the players ‘what am I going to do’. The reason I’m telling you first is because I don’t want to be a liar. I want to be honest with the players. I think the players are well aware of it and will act aggressively.
  • Will you make a bold change in the K-League 1?
    Fortunately, I kept the players I was trying to recruit and the players I was trying to protect. Currently, I think we can operate about 25 people in rotation. If 2 more people come in, I think there will be more room in the summer. I think I can try something else and replace it (daringly).
  • How do you control the team?
    I become a different person for about 2 hours on the playground. After that, he jokes a lot like his neighborhood brother and uncle. Players also say that they are different people when they are outside the playground. isn’t it a job Like a professional player, I do my job on the field, and after that I don’t really care. relax and free But always act like a pro. It seems that the players are doing well because there is a lot in it.
  • You said that you felt ignored last year, but has your gaze changed?
    During Media Day last year, I felt ignored. I felt pretty bad. I don’t mind being ignored, but our players worked really hard during the winter season. But now that a rookie coach is in charge, I ignored the team itself. They said it was a test bed now. Worried about being demoted Korea is very stingy with praise. I praise our players a lot. It is because I think that it will change even a little if I change first. I tell players that when they do well, they do well. It seems that there are many people in our country who are envious and wish that I do not work. So I try to do better.
  • Will you not change the concept even if you are in danger of being relegated while playing attack soccer?
    I don’t want to compromise with reality. There are many young players in Gwangju. I think it’s right to send these players to the national team, the Asian Games, and the Olympics in the future.

-You said you would not compromise, but what is Gwangju’s goal?
Four new players arrived yesterday. During the meeting, we decided to discuss the team goals. Some acquaintances said, “Aren’t you being too recklessly confident?” Because I believe in the players. The players have grown a lot while winning. It’s fun to see how it changes every day. But even though I’m getting better because I can’t express it, I don’t like the word satisfaction. So I push harder and press harder. I look forward to seeing what our players will do in the K-League 1. I just want to let them feel how much they have grown.

My goal is for many of our players to be selected for the national team. I will share my goal in the K-League 1 with the players.

-I heard that Kim Jong-woo, who transferred, cried during the meeting.
Jongwoo and I are very sorry. Jong-woo had a hard time last year, but he talked a lot before winter training this year. Jong-woo got better, so I expected a lot. he started to change. Since he is a good player, I wonder if other clubs offered him a large transfer fee and took him away. I think there will be a big vacancy for Jong-woo. However, he thinks it is the fate of Gwangju. Other players are growing a lot, so they are replacing them enough. He expects the player to do well.

-Is there a phrase that you use as your motto?
There is a saying called a thousand stones. This means that small efforts yield big results. I also like Lee Cheong-deuk-sim (the saying that listening attentively is the best wisdom to win people’s hearts) and Yin-deok concession. It means that if you give in the dark, it will come back. Think about these three things when dealing with players.

-Only director Lee Jeong-hyo came dressed in a suit. I think you have a special resolve.
I have to keep doing well. Isn’t the sentiment in Korea still that Seoul National University students should be taught by professors who graduated from Seoul National University? It’s a shame. I think it’s okay to teach someone who has the ability. Neither do I. I don’t know what will happen to me later, but I have big dreams. The players are also told to dream bigger. You can’t have such a dream if you don’t have confidence in yourself. I have such a dream because I am confident. I also want to dress comfortably. But being comfortable can never be the best at anything. It is such an attitude.

-What needs to be supplemented in order for Gwangju to settle down stably in the first part?
It is not the problem of Gwangju soccer itself. I think the environment itself is the problem. There are not many playgrounds where players can train. We always travel by bus, and we only use the playground for about two hours. Have you ever been kicked out This environment must change. I think there should be a playground where players can exercise to their heart’s content. If it improves one by one, it seems to be the basis for Gwangju to settle in K League 1. If I want to speak out, the results must be good. I am working hard.

-What potential was identified in the players. 온라인바카라
There are players with potential. If I explain in detail to those players and spend more time, I think they will become better players. In order for those players to grow, of course, they have to be greedy for national teams and national teams by age group.

-After winning the championship last year, you presented a laptop to your fans, but this time.
If we produce good results, they should do it for us. now i can’t The players and I showed it, so I hope the club and fans do it. I don’t know what he will do, but I think I’m tired of my promises now. Now on the contrary, I hope fans give presents to our players at their last home game, or to 50 people including the players and staff.

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