“Hanwha Life Insurance was better in terms of ban picks and performance.” On

the 2nd, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ was played between Hanwha Life Insurance and T1.

On this day, T1 was hit hard by Hanwha Life Insurance and failed to win 5 in a row. In an interview with Riot’s official loser after the match, coach Seong-Woong Bae of ‘Bengi’, who was full of regret, said, “I thought Hanwha Life Insurance was on a losing streak, so I thought the momentum was weakened. cited as a factor of failure.

Regarding Hanwha Life’s ban-pick, which has changed since the 2nd set, he said, “In the 2nd set, the opponent handled it with a little twist. I couldn’t fight back,” he explained.

The first half of the second set was good, but T1 lost strength in the second half. Director Bae recalled as a key point in the second set, “The third dragon was the main thing. We had enough 2 dragons, but the tempo slowed as the 3 dragon passed to the opponent. I think the opponent got strength from that.”

Then, he said that he learned from the defeat against Hanwha Life Insurance, “I feel that our management has become a little stiff after losing the second set. It is my homework to solve this part.” 먹튀검증

Finally, coach Bae emphasized about the next match against Nongshim, “I have to prepare well because it is the same one win without being vigilant.”

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