This season, Hyundai Capital is the most prominent team in professional volleyball. Last season, he suffered humiliation of being at the bottom of the league, but this season, riding the updraft, he settled for second place in the league. As the storm continues, it is now threatening even the top spot in the league. 안전놀이터

Hyundai Capital won the Samsung Firefighting match on the 15th (3-1) and won 3 points, making it 55 points. The chase for first place Korean Air (59 points) is intensifying. In particular, Korean Air has been sluggish with 1 win and 4 losses in the last 5 games, so the possibility of a comeback has increased. The difference of 4 points is a gap that can be overturned enough.

At the center of the storm is Choi Tae-woong, manager of Hyundai Capital. Coach Choi made a provocative declaration that “Korean volleyball has failed” before this season and said, “I will go back to the basics.” At the time, coach Choi met with the and said, “We need to become a team with solid basic skills so that we can play volleyball that matches the trend these days, such as playing speed volleyball and making the serve stronger.” , other offenses must be reduced as much as possible by strengthening basic skills.”

Did director Choi Tae-woong’s philosophy work in reality? First of all, it is difficult to feel the change just by looking at the room. Hyundai Capital recorded 5.96 errors per set last season. On the other hand, this season it increased to 6.6. However, if you look at the sub together, the situation is different. The average of 0.78 served, which was the lowest in the league, nearly doubled to 1.33. Director Choi’s idea of ​​”I will reduce other offenses for a strong serve” coincided.

Moreover, Hyundai Capital’s ace Heo Soo-bong is playing an all-weather role, crossing the apogee spiker and middle blocker. Thanks to this, coach Choi Tae-woong can take his tactics even more changeable. Director Choi said, “Since the recent situation is good, I want to use two or three options. When Heo Soo-bong becomes the middle blocker, the game changes again. I plan to use it tactically in every situation.”

However, the remaining schedule for Hyundai Capital is not easy. Hyundai Capital will face KB Insurance in Uijeongbu on the 18th, and Woori Card in Cheonan and Seoul on the 21st and 24th, respectively. The most important match is expected to be against Korean Air in Incheon on March 5th. Hyundai Capital had previously faced Korean Air five times and won only once.

Meanwhile, the competition for the lead in the V-League women’s division is heating up even more. This is because Heungkuk Life Insurance defeated Pepper Savings Bank 3-0 in Incheon on the 15th and recorded 63 points, pushing out Hyundai Engineering & Construction (61 points) and rising to the top of the league. Heungkuk Life Insurance’s desire to win increased as main gun Kim Yeon-kyung hinted at the possibility of retirement. After the game with Pepper Savings Bank, Kim Yeon-kyung expressed her position that she might retire after this season, saying, “I thought it would be good to put it down when I was in the highest position.”

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