On the 19th (Korean time), former Everton coach Rafa Benitez appeared on a panel of Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ and analyzed the Liverpool-Newcastle match, revealing that he had received an offer to coach the Korean national team.

Benitez has been known as a famous coach representing the football world since the 2000s. He swept the league and European competitions across Valencia-Liverpool, rising to the ranks of masters.

Afterwards, coach Benitez, who showed good performances at Chelsea, Napoli, and Newcastle United, took over as coach Choi Kang-hee at Dalian Pro in 2019 and gained experience in Asia.

However, coach Benitez had to leave the team bitterly, showing the worst slump in his career after joining Everton in 2021. Since he was sacked in 2022, he has not been able to find a job for more than a year.

Benitez, who was recently mentioned as the new manager of the promoted team Nottingham Forest, declared that he would decide his next head coach position after looking at the ‘project’.

Coach Benitez, who appeared on Sky Sports, said, “I want to stay in Europe. Especially, I want to stay in the English Premier League (PL), the best in the world.” 스포츠토토

Director Benitez said, “I received offers from Korea, China, and Mexico for director positions. First of all, the most important thing is the project. Now I can judge whether the project is good or bad.”

It is interpreted as a proposal for the national team manager position because Benitez is a big player for a club team manager to bring in. First of all, Mexico recently appointed Diego Coca as manager.

In the case of China, coach Li Xiaopeng is in crisis due to a series of bribery scandals, but he is not specifically appointing a coach. On the other hand, Korea is focusing on finding a successor for coach Paulo Bento, centered on Michael Müller, head of the National Team Strengthening Committee.

Benitez, who mentioned the possibility as the national team coach, said, “I want a project to do with me. In particular, I want a long-term project, not a short short-term project.”

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