‘Attack on Titan’ Kim Shin-wook (35) decided to continue his challenge abroad.

An official familiar with the transfer market told Sports Chosun, “Kim Shin-wook has completed a contract with Kitchee SC in Hong Kong. As he has already completed the medical test, an announcement will be made soon.”

Shinwook Kim recently terminated his contract with Lion City Sailors in Singapore. Kim Shin-wook, who suddenly broke up with Shenhwa in Shanghai, China in 2021, joined Lion City, where manager Kim Do-hoon was appointed at the time. Kim Shin-wook continued to play an active role in Singapore as well. He was the clear main gun for Lion City. He scored 21 goals in 26 games to rank fourth in scoring.

Kim Shin-wook, who was preparing to finish his career as a player, wanted a new challenge. Lion City also decided to respect Kim Shin-wook’s wishes. Kim Shin-wook, who was already a post-Singapore level player in all aspects, including contracts and skills, could no longer be caught. K-League teams continued to pay attention to Kim Shin-wook, who became a free agent. Suwon, Seoul, and Jeju looking for a striker bounced off the abacus. Love calls poured in from abroad.

Kitsch was particularly active. Kitchee, which is showing its presence in the Asian Champions League with active investment recently, shook Kim Shin-wook’s heart. Kim Shin-wook’s first priority was to return to Korea, but unlike his interests, no clubs sent active offers. Kim Shin-wook went to Hong Kong and received a medical test. In the case of Kitchi, before presenting the terms of the contract, he first takes steps to check his physical condition. It is a method of determining the player’s salary after clearly confirming the injury or condition. Dejan, an old man, also wore a kitsch uniform in this way.

After completing the medical test, Kim Shin-wook, who received an offer from Kitchi, eventually decided to go to Hong Kong. Although his return to Korea was heartbreaking, it is known that his family also continued to want to live abroad. Conditions were also satisfactory.

Kim Shin-wook is Asia’s best ‘target striker’. Kim Shin-wook, who is 1m96 tall, has not only strength and height, but also high-level footwork skills. He completed verification by going through Ulsan, Jeonbuk, and Shanghai Seonhwa. He won the league MVP in 2013 and the top scorer in 2015. He recorded 132 goals-31 assists in 350 K-League career games. He also went through the 2011 Asian Cup in Qatar, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. He scored 16 goals in 56 A matches. 메이저사이트

Kitchee recruited Kim Shin-wook, and together with ‘another legend’ Dejan, K-League has a special two-top team.

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