Is the arm bent inward. The Argentine legend praised Christian Romero (26, Tottenham).

Legendary Jorge Buruchaga (61), who led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup with Diego Maradona, raised his junior’s hand, saying, “Christian Romero is 10 times better than Virgil van Dijk.”온라인카지노

“People call Van Dyke the world’s best defender,” Buruchaga said on the radio station “Spot Witness.” But Romero is ten times better. Van Dyke is not fast, but Romero has both speed and balance. He’s a really great player,” he praised.

Romero helped Argentina win the Qatar World Cup last year, boosting its stock price. He plays as a partner for Son Heung-min at Tottenham. It seems natural for an Argentine senior to push his junior.

However, it is also true that Van Dyke’s stock price is falling. Dutch football analyst Johan Derksen said, “I’m tired of talking about Dutch captain Van Dyck. If you’re not good enough, you’ll get a cliché explanation of what happened. Van Dyke, who has lost his skills, is no longer a star, he said.

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