One of the players currently running as the best striker in the world is Elling Haaland (Manchester City). Along with Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain), he is regarded as the next-generation emperor to lead world soccer.

It is Holland who is changing various scoring records in the first season after jumping into the English Premier League (EPL). He broke through 20 goals at the fastest pace in the EPL, and is currently running as the top scorer with 25 goals. The expectation is that Holland will exceed 40 goals. 온라인바카라

There is a junior striker that Haaland highly praised. It is Yusupa Mukoko, an 18-year-old divine striker who has worked together in her former team, Dortmund. He is expected for his top talent, having already been called up to the German national team at a young age.

In the transfer market last winter, there was a possibility that Mukoko would come to the EPL. Because Liverpool pushed for the transfer of Mukoko.

Media outlets such as Britain’s ‘Mirror’ reported that “Liverpool tried to sign Mukoko in January, but Liverpool eventually turned to signing Cody Gakpo. In the end, the Mooko transfer was canceled, and Gakpo wore a Liverpool uniform.” .

“Liverpool may be regretting their decision to give up Mukoko,” he added.

Haaland consistently praised Mukoko. He is the one who is recommending the signing of Mukoko to all clubs.

“I’ve been really happy with Mukoko,” said Haaland. I am doing it. I will build a great career in the future.”

“Mukoko is a very powerful player. He has flashy moves. He has the ability to dominate the game. A lot of clubs will want him. Age doesn’t matter,” Haaland said.

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