Detroit Tigers pitchers set a milestone.

Detroit won 2-0 against the Toronto 메이저도메인 Blue Jays at Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan, on the 9th (Korea Standard Time) without giving up a single hit.

The club’s ninth no-hitter in its career. The record came back two years after Spencer Turnbull recorded it against the Seattle Mariners on May 18, 2021.

It was Justin Verlander’s first time at home against the Milwaukee Brewers on June 12, 2007.

The start was starter Matt Manning. In the first inning, he was on the verge of first and second base with no outs and no outs by throwing out Bobissett and Brandon Belt on a walk, but he escaped the crisis by putting out all the follow-up batters. He lasted 62/3 innings without losing a point.

Jason Foley, who pitched as a relief pitcher with two outs in the seventh inning, finished the inning by catching a fly ball to center field and kept the mound until the eighth inning.

Alex Range, who took over the mound in the ninth inning, completed the milestone by striking out Bissett, hitting a fly ball to center field, and turning Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on a grounder to third base.

According to ESPN, it is the 20th team no-hitter in league history. Half of these have come out in the last decade.

The Detroit batters added another run in the first inning with Spencer Tokelson’s one-run double and Kerry Carpenter’s triple. It wasn’t a lot of scoring support, but it lasted with the power of the mound.

Toronto starter Kevin Gausman scored five hits, two walks, seven strikeouts and two runs in six innings, but became a losing pitcher. He finished the first half with 7 wins, 5 losses and a 3.03 ERA.

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