“I constantly inquired about the change-up grip and throwing method and learned a lot.”

Choi Seung-yong (22), a left-handed pitcher for the Doosan Bears, is a strong candidate for the fifth start. Coach Lee Seung-yeop set up a policy to appoint Choi Seong-yong as a starter from the finish camp, and the player also worked tirelessly to develop the stamina to play as a starting pitcher for a season in the spring camp.

Choi Seung-yong, a native of Sorae High School, joined Doosan in the 2021 second round in the 20th place. It wasn’t until he was in his third year of middle school that he took an elite course. Choi Seung-yong entered the path of a baseball player in earnest much later than his peers. Thanks to his sturdy physique with a height of 191 cm and a weight of 90 kg, he caught the eye of Doosan scouts and was nominated for a high rank.

In his first year as a professional player, Choi Seung-yong recorded an ERA of 3.93 in 15 games and 2 holds. He finished his debut season with decent results. And join the 2022 season 1th group spring camp. He entered the competition in earnest.

In the process, he received rave reviews from former director Seon Dong-yeol of ‘National Treasure’. Former coach Seon, who visited the Doosan camp as an instructor, praised Choi Seung-yong for pitching, saying, “I really have nothing to say to you.” 카지노

But he hasn’t come out of the egg yet. The 2022 season, his second year as a pro. Choi Seung-yong has shown his growth potential, but has not been able to establish himself. He went 3-7 with 5 holds and a 5.30 earned run average in 48 games between the starter and the bullpen.

Doosan wants Choi Seung-yong to grow into a starting pitcher. Coach Lee Seung-yeop is also drawing a scenario in which Choi Seung-yong takes his place as the fifth starter. This is because foreign pitchers Raul Alcantara and Dylan Pyle are both right-handed pitchers, domestic pitcher Choi Won-jun is a sidearm, and Gwak Bin-do is a right-handed pitcher, so if left-handed pitcher Choi Seung-yong supports them, diversity can be secured in the starting rotation.

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop invited Hisanori Takahashi as an instructor to Australia’s spring camp to train left-handed pitchers. I hoped that the coaching of Takahashi, a left-handed pitcher who had a career in Japanese professional baseball and the major leagues, would serve as a foundation for the growth of young left-handed pitchers. Instructor Takahashi also guided the players with both mind and heart.

Choi Seung-yong also asked for help from instructor Takahashi to take a leap forward. From the game management know-how to the mental elements that a pitcher should have, he was handed down. Choi Seung-yong said, “I constantly inquired and learned a lot about the change-up grip and throwing method. It was an opportunity to improve overall, from the image to be drawn when throwing the ball to the mental and movement in the set position. I felt it again,” he said with satisfaction.

Instructor Takahashi also praised him, saying, “I saw more good players than I thought. There are many pitchers with strengths. Among them, Hong Kun-hee, Kwak Bin, Kim Ho-jun, and Choi Seung-yong stood out. Their hard work was also impressive.”

Choi Seung-yong has a talent recognized as a national treasure. In addition, the know-how was also passed on to Japan’s legendary left-handed pitcher. Attention is focusing on whether Choi Seung-yong will be able to take root in the starting rotation this season.

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