Kim Do-young (20, KIA Tigers), who debuted in the KBO League under the brilliant spotlight. I realized the professional wall. The honor of being the first high school graduate rookie to play in the leadoff game for the Tigers disappeared like a mirage amid the extreme sluggish batting average of 10.799 (April). In the end, he was pushed to the bench and finished the season as a backup. He debuted with attention as a post-high school level player such as ‘5 Tool Player’ and ‘Lee Jong-beom’s Second Coming’, but his first season was in tears.

When Kim Do-young was sluggish for a month in April, the KIA chose to appoint him as a backup for the 1st team rather than being demoted to the Futures (2nd team) from mid-May. He said the reason was that seeing and feeling the performance of veteran players in the first team also plays a large part in growth. Kim Do-young started to find some leeway in the second half of last year, and was evaluated as having a sense of stability in defense. It can be seen that the effect of ‘growth through companionship’ that KIA was aiming for has been proven to some extent.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk included Kim Do-young in the roster for the spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Although Kim Do-young was sluggish in his debut season, there is still much to look forward to from Kim Do-young, and the potential for growth is high, as revealed by the title of Tigers’ last first-choice player.

Kim Do-young is a candidate to compete with Ryu Ji-hyeok (29) for the third baseman position. Judging from last season’s performance, Ryu Ji-hyeok has the upper hand in the competition for third base. Ryu Ji-hyeok, who joined the opening entry last year and completed the season, did not get a chance in the beginning, but after Kim Do-young’s sluggish performance, he was appointed as the third baseman and played an active role throughout the offense and defense. The sense of stability leans toward Ryu Ji-hyeok in that Kim Do-young, who spent most of his time as a shortstop in high school, still has a question mark on third base defense. However, if you think of the part where Ryu Ji-hyeok was appointed as a rotation for not only third base but also first baseman Hwang Dae-in (27), the best picture for KIA is that Kim Do-young grows up to keep the third baseman position and Ryu Ji-hyuk plays a multi-role.

KIA’s view of Kim Do-young is expected to rise further this year. Until last year, there was a modifier called ‘the biggest rookie word’, so it was possible to focus on growth. However, this year, entering the second year, it is not easy to give a chance as much as last year if he cannot establish a solid position in the competition for the starting pitcher. Considering the world of pros where skill is everything, and considering the goal of this season to look higher than last year, the reality is that Kim Do-young cannot just grow. Through this Arizona camp, Kim Do-young must prove that he is a player worth using in the first team. 스포츠토토

It is Kim Do-young who disappears with the spotlight. By making this Arizona camp a ‘promised land’, there will be a chance to rebound and the achievement of being a starter in the first team.

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