Manager Kim Min-kyu of the Saha-gu Little Baseball Team, who met at Sinpyeong Leports Park in Saha-gu, Busan on the 30th of last month, sighed. This is because there are only two children left in the team. Even those who became middle school students this year can play in the Little Baseball Team until the end of next month under the rules of the Little Baseball Federation. If additional members are not recruited within this month, there will be no team in the baseball team. Without players, they cannot form a combined team, so they cannot participate in the national competition. In the hobby class, five children are simply enjoying baseball as a “hobby.”

Head coach Kim said, “There were so many children that there were 24 elementary schools in Saha-gu that only 40 players were in 메이저토토 the beginning,” adding, “However, as the number of youth baseball teams with indoor stadiums increased with COVID-19, their popularity waned.” So far, “Dong-gu” is the only little baseball team in Busan that has been closed due to a decrease in players. If the Saha-gu baseball team is disbanded, only 13 little baseball teams will remain in the region.

Now, it is a small baseball team that is at the crossroads of survival and abolition, but it has maintained good performance and made a name for itself as a prestigious club. Founded in January 2009, there are no professional players produced by the baseball team. However, it is a talented club that has won six national competitions. The year after its foundation, he immediately finished second in the Sports Toto Cup National Youth Baseball Tournament, and only two years later, he showed his potential to win the tournament. In addition to winning the championship, he also won the runner-up prize six times in 14 years.

Another reason why the baseball team’s popularity has waned is head coach Kim’s “straight stubbornness.” Coach Kim values “theory” education as much as the actual practice. Baseball has many rules, and most of the terms are in English, so his iron rule is that “conceptual learning” should be prioritized in order to properly understand the movement. Head coach Kim has also been teaching only “jikgu” since its foundation to prevent injuries to children. Sliders and curves that are less at risk of elbow injuries are also not found in this baseball team. Under these circumstances, children also “self-taught” breaking balls through the Internet.

Lee Joon-sung and Lee Seung-min (13 years old) are the main players of the team and the “unique” players. Right-handed orthodox Lee Joon-sung has good ball speed as a pitcher, but his ball control is fluctuating. He also plays shortstop as the first batter, showing good performance in defense, but his shortcoming is that he is slow for a top hitter. Lee Seung-min, a left-handed pitcher, is said to observe both control and speed as a pitcher. As a fielder, he is so big that he is the fourth batter of the first baseman. However, it is difficult to catch a fast ball with a narrow defense range. A weak mentality is also considered a homework to be supplemented.

Lee Seung-min, who started exercising after his father, who plays social baseball, said, “I’ve liked Hanwha’s Kim Seo-hyun since he was a high school student,” adding, “It’s cool to throw fastballs and confidently.” “I really want to make my professional debut and meet Kim Seo-hyun,” he said.

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