“The battle continued to be tight, 스포츠토토 and the players created opportunities by getting on base from the front. So I tried to focus more on hitting at bat.” 

There were no two failures. KT’s ‘eldest brother’ Park Kyung-soo struck a decisive blow. 

In an away game against Lotte held at Sajik Stadium on the 26th, Park Kyung-soo contributed to an 8-6 victory by scoring two RBIs in a timely hit with two outs and bases loaded in the 8th inning when the team was trailing 3-5. 

Although he was not included in the starting lineup that day, he took the place of Lee Ho-yeon at bat in the 2nd inning with 2 outs and a full base chance. Park Kyung-soo, who struck out on a swing against Lotte starter Park Se-woong, resigned. He had a chance with two outs and a bases loaded in the eighth inning, trailing 3-5. 

Park Kyung-soo hit a left-handed hit from Lotte special firefighter Kim Won-joong. Oh Yoon-seok and Shin Bong-ki are home-in with ease. In the process, an error in throwing was overlapped, and even Kim Min-hyeok, who was on first base, stepped home and succeeded in a 6-5 comeback. 

Lotte returned the game 6-6 with a timely hit by Yoon Dong-hee in the 8th inning, but KT decided the game 8-6 with an opponent’s mistake in the last attack in the 9th inning and Shin Bong-gi’s center fielder sacrifice fly. 

After the game, Park Kyung-soo said, “The battle continued to be tight, and the players created opportunities by getting on base in front. So he tried to hit with more concentration at the plate,” he said. 

“More than anything else, it feels good to have been instrumental in achieving a consecutive winning series. All the players will unite with one mind and work harder so that we can continue the winning series as we have been doing.” 

Meanwhile, coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I want to say that all the players did well in today’s game. Without losing the atmosphere, either the pitcher or the fielder, they concentrated and fought until the end. I also thank the fans who supported me until the end.”

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